Topic: The Way of Life

Name: The Way of Life
Formed: 4.12.103
Organization: Organic
Leadership: Democratic
Status: Active

Human beings should not let themselves be lead by machines. Yes, you may say we are still the ones in control, but just look. We are totally dependent on machines that grow ever more complex, even intelligent. Do you not find it scary? It does not have to be this way. We could have means of feeding ourselves. We do not –have- to depend on a machine to create more of our own. We do not need small machines crawling around inside us to keep us healthy, we have an immune system. All these natural systems of ours, they could be reactivated. We realise it may sound difficult, but our ideas are not impossible to achieve. Come and meet with us, you can hear us explain our plans in more detail, and you will be able to see for yourself that we have all problem areas covered.

Fu Lin - leader (dead)
Corteza (f) - leader
Tanda (m) - handler
((8 members altogether))

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Re: The Way of Life

Name: Corteza
Rank: Leader