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Concept and Rules (OOC)

Hi. I was just reading about forum RP, and that made me think about combining the STSC campaign with some of that.

The idea here is to generate some new lore about the history of the Tower by using the usual method familiar from forum RP. What we'll be writing here is, basically, legends told by the current colonists about the First Colonists. After all, most recordings from that time were lost in the database crash and the last remaining First Colonists are either not very forthcoming (Felman), not big on storytelling (Sebastian), or see the past through the golden goggles of legend themself (The Council of Elders). Thus, the colonists rely muchly on oral tradition when it comes to the lives and deeds of the First Colonists.

That gives us some artistic freedom when we go about writing these stories. Even though we should try to keep them feasible enough to be potentially true, we don't have to worry too much about conflicting with the "official lore" in my head. As far as these stories are concerned, there's no GM. Everyone's free to describe scenery or new characters.

As an extra option, if you don't like where someone is taking the story, you can say something along the lines of "that's not how it went" - after all, this is people telling the stories. Your idea can, of course, be contested as well.

For those concerned about knowing only what their characters know, these stories are part of the basic lore known by anyone who's interested to listen to rumors and stories.

I hope you'll give this experiment a chance.

Re: Forum RP: Tales of the Forgotten


Siyanda was one of the tenth patch of the First Colonists. Her radiant brown eyes matched with her rough dark skin, both radiating strength and determination. Her skill as a mechanical engineer was unmatched even by The Legendary Six, and when it came to redirecting power conduits, she was a step away from a sorceress.

So, this one day, only a regular day it looked from the outside, she was realigning a series of supercoils down in The Lower Cluster, when...