Topic: Secret anti-TSR Ringleader meeting

Tonight, while in a nostalgic mood, I went through some of my Seed RP texts and found a transcript of something not posted here, something secret. A meeting Arash arranged with ringleaders he felt he could trust and build something with in regards to countering the TSR. Toawazae later did a transcript of it, so we all had it as text. It took place around 2 months into the game.

It's one examples of all the wonderful cloak and dagger stuff we had going. Oh, I miss this game smile


Arash:  No, I think we should wait 10 minutes or so.. Some always show up late.. then we should start though.
Arash:  What do you say, Feelix?
Toawazae: Ok, We can figure out who out transcriptionist is.
Feelix: I think we should start with an indorducing of Toawazae himself, I do not know anything from him.
Toawazae: Of course.
Toawazae: I contacted you at Arash's suggestion, as an interested party. I am the leader of the TAU Divers, although right now it is more properly called "TAU Diver."
Feelix: I see
Toawazae: With any luck, that will be remedied in the future.  But our purpose is to study TAU, extract all of its data and put it someplace safer than its current location, which as we all know, is unstable at best.
Feelix: I understand
Toawazae: Mostly, that someplace is in our heads, but we would thing press forward with constructing a new computer system, one which we know inside and out, rather than TAU, of which we know practically nothing.  But that is for the future, and that is my ring.  My interest in TSR is another matter.
Toawazae: It is clear that TSR knows much more than it has shared; I feel this represents a single point of failure.
Toawazae: We cannot deny that TSR has a hand in many of the things that TAU does, and if something happens to them, we might never recover from it.
Feelix: That sounds clear.
Toawazae: Jofpar has awoken. I shall endeavor to contact him.
Toawazae: Jodpar is on his way.
Feelix: Very well.
-unrelated conversation, greetings, etc.-
Toawazae: Well, shall we continue?
Feelix: Sure
Arash: Yes indeed.
Toawazae: Let me look up my little TSR spiel, for Jodpar's benefit.
Jodpar: Yes.
Toawazae: We feel that TSR represents a single point of failure, as it is clear that they know more about how TAU and the tower works, and have a hand in many of the things that it does. It is important that we discover what it is they are up to, so that if anything happens to them, we aren't all doomed.  That's the practical purpose of this meeting.
Jodpar: Well, has anyone approched them point blank and ask them what they know?
Toawazae: Yes, on several occasions.  They have steadfastly refused to elaborate on what they know or what they are doing.
Feelix: Yes, of course.
Arash: Yes we have, They give out very little information, sometimes false, sometimes not, but only in nuggets as it were.
Toawazaer: Indeed, Oluf of Evolution, did start to make headway with one of their members, Kitty by name, when Zya stopped her.
Jodpar: They have been our benefactors as well so anything we do must not make them even more remote.
Arash: That is how we have seen it in The Mission too.  We must not alienate them.
Toawazae: That is why our position is so tricky.
Jodpar: Perhaps Kitty could provide information if we were to talk to her in a more isolated setting.
Toawazae: It is clear by Zya's actions that they have no intention of revealing their secrets.  That is what Oluf suffested, several weeks ago.  If he were here today, we could ask him about it, but I was unable to contact him.
Feelix: I just have a little question.
Toawazae: Yes?
Feelix: The name Zya was said... Is this a TSR member?
Toawazae: She is.
Feelix: Okay, that's what I wanted to know.
Jodpar: Who is TSR's leader, by the way (punctuation unclear)
Toawazae: One could call her the de facto leader, though that is not her official title.
Arash: Felman.. He doesn't show himself in public.
Jodpar: Hmm very strange.
Arash: Not as strange as a lot of other things.
Toawazae: Nevertheless, she is the public face of their leadership.
Jodpar: Well, with Kitty willing to share information, maybe TSR's ranks are not as closed as we might thing.
Feelix: But felman seems to be the one who takes care about the critical questions... That the others do not answer without feedback rom him.
Toawazae: To the best of my knowledge, no one has been able to approach her since the initial confrontation with Oluf.  He would know more.
Arash: Zya?
Toawazae: Kitty.
Arash: Uh.. I have seen her quite often since then.  Today also.
Toawazae: Not in any context where Zya could not swoop in and prevent it.
Feelix: That's right, she did not show up for a long time... In the past she was so often in the garden.
Jodpar: I have bumped into Kitty a few times and did some repairs together but we did not chat much.
Toawazae: Anyway, beyond that, there is a second, more recent matter, of which, Arash is more equipped to relay the specifics.
Arash: Mhhm
Arash: Well, the TSR have recently gotten an old member out of the floatbed named Xanders.  Has Quanto told you about this, Feelix?
Feelix: No, I am not informed yet.
Jodpar: Never heard of the person.
Arash: Right..
Arash: Zya introduced me to this Xanders two days ago I think it was. He is their.. Security Officer.
Jodpar: Security against what?
Feelix: Uuuh, strange, since when do people need bodyguards?
Arash: His job.. To look for external and internal theats to TSR and the tower, and deal with them, as he told me almost instantly.
Arash: When I expressed.. Distaste at such a function, he wasted no time in asking me if I was hiding anything.
Feelix: This guy will get an injection if he comes too close to me.
Feelix: Okay but this is really strange.
Jodpar: What threat would need such a person?
Arash: He strikes me as the potential most dangerous man I have yet met.
Arash: Well, he would probably deal with seeds who work against the goals of the TSR.
Jodpar: Well TSR is not the colony.
Toawazae: Indeed. He holds the title of "Security Officer" but showed absolutely no interest in matters such as theft.
Jodpar: They are but one part.
Arash: Yet his wording was a statement to that effect.. But anyway.
Arash: Then some minutes later I met Quanto, and discussed the safety gear we were making for you.
Feelix: And this Xanders did not say anything else but a short direct "Hello"?
Feelix: Ok, Go on, I don't want to interrupt you.
Arash: Oh, he said plenty.. When he saw Quanto had no mask but I had, he suggested TM was not interested in helping out or doing good for the tower, unless I gave Quanto my mask.
Arash: At that point I was quite furious.
Arash: Toawazae was there too, and others.  Xanders kept going on about how we were not to be trusted if I did not, more or less, strip my own equipment and give to you right away, although I said we had the stuff in production for you, and I had made a deal with you.
Arash: However, Xanders had to relent a bit when no one was supporting him.
Jodpar: Sounds very irrational.
Arash: Since then I met him once in the garden.. yesterday.. He asked me why I spent so much time in the Garden as his first greeting to me..
Arash: So.. This security officer is a major nuisance at best..
Arash: And at worst.. Trouble for the whole tower.
Feelix: Sounds like Miko does this often... Giving orders in direct sound! Even more directly than Miko does (transcribed as written)
Arash: Yes, that won't work with us anymore.. But we really try to be friendly and reasonable to not push them away or force a confrontation.
Feelix:  The most polite one is Kitty.
Arash: I think we all agree on that.
Feelix: Sometimes I thought Miko is even giving commands in a direct way... But this Xander sounds like a Trooper-general.
Arash: Well, I think he will focus on TM, he seems to have his eye on us.
Arash : I saw him being somewhat friendly to a new seedling in the garden.
Feelix: And I think I know the reason why this is so.
Arash: Mhh?
Feelix: Today in the morning I heard a conversation between Kitty and some others, I do not remember the names...
Feelix: Not Kitty, I mean Miko, sorry.
Arash: Yes, in Canyon, right?
Feelix: Ok... The content was something about the power-leeching or so... Yes, in Canyon.
Arash: And?
Feelix: And then someone said, that it is not worth to do any effors on other ideas as long as the larger rings have the control and power on what to do in and situation.
Toawazae: Really?
Feelix: Then the ringname TM was said... as one of the most active rings... in most interesting projects.
Feelix: I remember Miko said something like that.
Arash: Yes...
Feelix: And maybe this is the reason why TSR is having a closer look especially on TM.
Feelix: The more active a ring is, the more it controls the projects and tools and resources, thats a fact.
Toawazae: Or, at least, shows some indication of division within TSR.
Arash: Maybe.. So you heard who said.. Hmm.. Something about us stealing blueprints and tools from the TSR? That is a rumour I would like to know about.
Arash: It is so far out that I would like to know who fabricated it. And I believe it was mentioned there.
Feelix: No, I did not hear the word stealing or something like that.
Feelix: But I did hear the word sabotage on TM-factories.
Arash: Uhh..
Toawazae: This is the first that I've ever heard of sabotage on any factories.
Jodpar: Sabotaging any factories is an attack on us all!
Feelix: But I really do not remember in which content, was something about the power-leech-problem.
Feelix: I only remember Miko's answer on this.
Arash: Feelix. It would be very nice.. If you could remember more about this.. This is a surprise to me.
Toawazae: Oh. Well, that might be a different matter then.
Feelix: She said: "It would have no effect sabotaging any factory of TM as it is one of the most active rings around - so this is not the right way."
Arash: Flush all..
Feelix: So in some case, she protected you/TM... I really do not remember any more (due to blackouts).
Jodpar: ?
Arash: Just an expression I picked up..
Toawazae: I wonder who was the other party..
Arash: Of course it would not be very clever to sabotage our factories.. But who wanted to suggest that I wonder.
Feelix: I try to remember who was involved in conversation, but it is hard.
Arash: I can tell you who was in the conversation..
Arash: Esme, Sutter, and Jjkola.
Feelix: Jupp, these were the names
Feelix: Esme and Jjkola, right.
Arash: But I did not know of that..
Feelix: I have never heard this names before, so it was hard to remember.
Toawazae: Esme.. Weren't you talking to..
Arash: Sabotage thing.
Toawazae: Earlier today.
Arash: Yes..
Toawazae: Now that does shed an interesting light.
Arash: Well, it needn't have been her.
Arash: Someone in that meeting also said the slandering about stealing.
Arash: So I would guess it was the same..
Arash: Anyway, this seems to be more about TM than TSR.. Heh..
Feelix: No, I have not heard the word stealing, maybe they talked about byt then I do not remember or had a blackout.
Toawazae: Indeed. Of course, being so large, it is of no surprise that they would be drawn to you.
Arash: Yes well.. You heard the word sabotage.. Ugly word.
Feelix: Can I give my opinion on the whole case?
Arash: I would very much like that, yes.
Arash: No, we will draw all of these things to us.
Feelix: I think Miko was right, that TM is most active ring, and TM has hands on many things (not only TSR) ...
Feelix: And I guess that TSR got into a confligt... smaller rings want to be provided more and involved more in many matters, and not only TM.
Feelix: And I thinkg that many rings try to get help from TSR, and not TSR tries to get out of this conflict by ordering TM to give smaller rings more support.
Feelix: This is why Miko gave a direct order to provide BHU with tools, to give a mask to Quanto and so on... But this is only my opinion.
Toawazae: That wasn't Miko, that was Xander.  In the second case.
Arash: Well.. That was an.. agreement, not an order.. But later it was handled that way by Xanders.
Feelix: Ok Xander, the General.
Arash: Well, I think there is more to it than that, but you are right in that they now try to use us as they see fit.. Asking nicely or not so nicely.
Arash: However.. Let us try to look a bit broader on this again.. Toawazae, Jodpar, any input?
Arash: This is more about TSR than us.. I hope.
Toawazaw: The fact remains that TSR is sitting on more information than anyone knows, and it is reasonable to assume that information is important to
Jodpar: Well so far what do we know... A few sinister looking incidents ... half heard conversations and suspicions
Toawazae: The functioning of this colony.
Toawazae: Furthermore, they maintain that their projects are "in the best interests of the colony" yet they refuse to elaborate on what or how.
Jodpar: Yes, TSR might know more but the thing is we only know a little.
Arash: Yes, nothing damnig yet, if that is what you mean.  Only the fact that they would like to control all others is somewhat clear.  Which some might also think for the best, since they seem to know best.. And are not exactly sharing that.
Jodpar: We definately need more information.
Toawazae: This is the purpose of this meeting.  To organize obeservation of TSR.  At this time, there is little else we can do.
Arash: There is one other thing we can do.
Arash: Not letting anyone play us out against each other.
Jodpar: Well, I think we all are here to make sure the colony's best interests are served.
Feelix: Oh dear, the spy-games are starting, I think I am in the wrong film here.
Arash: Of course we are.. But we disagree on how best to serve those interests.. It is not so far a leap of the imagination to worry that some are willing to do.. not so nice things to do things according to what they think is best.. We must have more openness and sharing of information to stop that.
Toawazae: Not to mention, the single point of failure that TSR still represents.
Feelix: Ok aprospos spy-games, I must give you an unofficial statement right now.
Arash: Oh.. More surprises?
Feelix: I totally agree on what we do here, and I totally agree on our commitment here... but...
Feelix: If it comes to an open conflict in any way between any goals of any rings...
Arash: Yes?
Feelix: BHU will take a totally neutral position from this point on - officially
Feelix: because my ring provides all of us with help and healthcare, I can't give up a neutral image, but unofficially I am on your side.
Arash: Of course.. If you have that luxury at that time.
Arash: Our side.. I don't hope there will be sides.
Feelix: This is the only luxury I have, beside the luxury that TM provided us with so many things.
Arash: And I wish TM to be neutral too.. Harder for us due to size though.
Feelix: You are right, hopefully it never comes to a point where "sides" are coming up.
Toawazae: There are other large rings, too, and we don't know where they all stand. And the midsized rings, as well.
Arash TronC is a midsized ring, I believe?
Jodpar: Depends on what you call mid sized.
Arash: 10 members, I'd say.
Feelix: Many hair on head is huge-sized, some hair on head is mid-sized, none hair on head is, hehe, small
Jodpar: My ring will do what is good for the colony.
Arash: But that is just semantics.
Jodpar: At this point gathering information to be better prepared is something that is good.
Toawazae: Good.. It's just about all we have for now.  TSR is still in a position of power.
Arash: Well, we agree on that.. We haven't been doing anything but gathering information quietly and helping out, also with what the TSR wanted.  And yet.. yet I feel something is coming..
Toawazae: But, we do have the luxury of observing TSR under stress, thanks to Anabelle.
Jodpar: As my ring is somewhat under the 'RADAR' I have no problem trying to gain the trust of any TSR members I can find to see what that might hold.
Toawazae: Well, annoyance, anyway.
Arash: I wouldn't call that stress.
Arash: Right.. I have seen the TSR annoyed at many occasions.
Toawazae: Entertaining to watch, at the very least.
Arash: That is a wise attitude.
Arash: That it is.
Toawazae: Indeed. TronC is definately under the radar.
Arash: You know.. Zya asked me to do a shirt for her a while ago after Anabelle had remarked how we were the lapdogs of the TSR.. I found that to be.. Very bad timing.
Feelix: Uhm, beside, do we know any goals from TSR in detail do far?
Feelix: A ring-description or something like that?
Toawazae: I have the link to TAU established.
Arash: Yes.  To monitor TAU and keep the tower in working order.
Feelix: Hm, Relatively global goal.
Toawazae: Size members listed.
Arash: Yes. Felman, Kitty, Locke, Zya, Miko, and Xanders.
Toawazae: Felman, who is never seen, Kitty, Locke (who I've never even heard of), and of course Miko, Zya, and Xanders.
Arash: Felman was seen spying on the first ringleader meeting. Otherwise he hasn't been seen.. Locke has never been seen by anyone.
Feelix: A ringleader meeting? What's that?
Toawazae: Speaking of that meeting, isn't the next one scheduled in two days?
Arash: Yes it is.. But as with so much else..
Arash: Nobody has contacted me about it at least.
Arash: I thought such a meeting was a good idea, but it was Thosam who was running it.
Feelix: Mybe because you haven't produced chairs for your meetings yet.
Arash: Those might help a lot, yes!
Toawazae: I wish I could have been there.
Arash: Well, you are a ringleader yourself, you can make sure such a meeting is arranged each month.
Toawazae: I meant the first one.. Unfortunately, the floatbed cycle will have me in its grip by then.
Arash: Mhm.. I don't think anything will be held this time..
Arash: However.. There is one Neshor who wants to hold public, weekly meetings in the Garden.
Feelix: Yes, I had contact with him.
Toawazae: What ring is he from?
Feelix: And he told me that he is a mediator and aociological researcher.
Arash: None.. he was trained as a mediator by TAU..
Toawazae: Ah.
Arash: Yes, right.
Feelix: That one could be the right person to talk with about problems between rings... If we know to trust him.
Arash: He is currently looking for topics for the first meeting.. Something to bring together as many as possible.
Feelix: Sounds like a counselor.
Toawazae: It is unfortunate that this topic is too sensetive. At least for the time being.
Arash: Indeed, that was what he wanted to be.. I think he and Xanders are on the opposite ends of the ideological chain..
Feelix: Right!
Feelix: Hehe, the general again.
Arash: Well, I know some of the suggested topics.  I think there will be an interesting topic alright..
Feelix: And that is?
Arash: Something about sharing information.
Arash: I don't think he will announce that topic right away though.. Or say who suggested it..
Feelix: Isn't Norah in TM?
Jodpar: Well, I think everyone is wanting more info to be shared
Toawazae: Yes.. It is probably time we wrapped this up.
Arash: All the new seedlings at least.
Arash: Yes she is.
Feelix: I will share everything, if you get Norah to interview me weekly.
Toawazae: I would definately like to see such meetings.  Particularly for the benefit of the new seeds.
Arash: I can ask her nicely.
Arash: Yes, so we should all try to attend.
Toawazae: The only problem, of course, is timing.
Jodpar: As long as I am given advance notice I should be available.
Feelix: But you are right.. the evil general asks you what you do in garden, but I think we need even more people to care about newcomers, to introduce them.
Arash: Well yes, but I wasn't even doing that.. Just looking at the waterfall.  Oh well.
Arash: Right, maybe we are getting finished with this first meeting?
Feelix: Evil generals don't like waterfalls, ya know.
Toawazae: Yes, I think we're all pretty much on the same page.
Jodpar: Well anything I find out I will let you all know.
Arash: Likewise, we will share any evidence of bad stuff going on.
Jodpar: And any good things as well.
Toawazae: (Transcripts available upon request.)
Arash: Of course, also evidence to the contrary.
Toawazae: Jodpar, you probably need one too.. You missed out on my introduction speech.
Feelix: Is it okay that I will leave off now, have to go to lab to give tools and headgears to my members there.
Arash: Of course Feelix.  And tell us if you lack some tools.
Feelix: Very well, so thanks a lot for inviting me and I will keep eyes and ears open.
Toawazae: I imagine our guards are probably bored stiff by now.
Arash: Yes.. That was some surprising news you had.
Feelix: Have a nice day and stay tuned.
Jodpar: I would suspect.
Jodpar: Cya Feelix.