Topic: DVI-Inet Issue 5/104 - The Election Special (25.12.104)


This issue of DVI-Inet is a special edition focused solely on the elections on 31.1.104. As most of us know, at the turn of the Earth year, various factories, machines, and tools will change owners. How to spend ones vote is a difficult choice for many, so we at DVI-Inet has decided to do all we can to provide impartial and accurate information about the voting situation.

We'll start by providing a brief history on the voting system, after which we'll present a series of interviews about various hot topics in this year's elections. Read on and prepare to get informed!

Re: DVI-Inet Issue 5/104 - The Election Special (25.12.104)

History of the Voting System


Re: DVI-Inet Issue 5/104 - The Election Special (25.12.104)

"The Corteza Situation"

The most important new player in this year's elections is definately Corteza, who was appointed leader of The Way of Life after the death of their previous leader, Fu Lin. Her project - Independence from TAU - has gained a considerable following from a very varied group of colonists. Since Corteza's aggressive election policies affect many rings, we have asked representatives of several rings for their take on the situation.

Alexandra (The Association of Scholars)

The Association disapproves of the methods Corteza applies to gaining popularity. They're irresponsible, short-sighted, and crude. We plead any colonist who's planning on voting on her appointed admins to reconsider.

Isn't Mohale, one of your council members, favourable to Corteza's project?

That is his personal viewpoint.

Nanto (The Horizon)

Corteza's actions are severely harming the continuity in the tower administration. She has forced several rings, including ours, to abandon bits that are vital to important processes. For example, the distillation chamber we're running on CAC-301 is used by many rings to produce various complex nitroesters and sulfates. If Corteza turns that one into something fitting her whim we'll have to reorganize. After Corteza's momentum runs out - some time during next year most likely - we'll have to put things back together again. That kind of thing takes precious time.

Laura (The Watch)

Nothing I say can turn the heads of the idiots following Corteza. Anyone else, who doesn't want The Garden to become the new bitching central, help us defend TG-101.

McGregor (Tower Engineering Society)

I think Corteza needs to wind down a little. I'd be happy to help her with that.

Cassia (Dreamers of Gaia)

Everyone keeps calling Corteza abrupt and irresponsible and all that! I say the tower could use a bit more fire of spirit! No one else has dared to stand up to TSR, even after they blatantly killed off many good TAU projects!

Wasn't it The Association of Scholars who put the TAU Basecode Project and those others on hold by denying them access to simulators?

It was! But they were just doing what TSR told them! Why else would they have done such a thing anyway!?

Hansila (Society of Free Colonists)

(Hansila wanted us to put up a disclaimer stating that her views are in no way an official statement by SoFC.)

Don't talk to me about that bitch! She's the worst problem the colony has had since the Great Rock. Not only does she draw votes away from important things, she's also turned many accomplished people away from their important duties. Anyone who says a brain surgeon assisting on testing stomach acids isn't a ridiculous idea...

Reneb (Da Vinci Collaboration)

There are many valid concerns on both sides of the confrontation. I'm the first to agree that Corteza's methods haven't been the most discreet. However, I can't condone the hostile attitudes many ringleaders display towards her. Many of her concerns are varranted and should be addressed in a civilized and constructive manner. To that end, Da Vinci Collaboration has been trying to get all the players to the same table for several months now. As long as the situation remains this way, the matter will be on the list of topics of future Ringleader Meetings.

Aava (The Canyon A Collective)

We at The Canyon A Collective wholeheartedly support Corteza's plan. It's about time someone gives the hardworking colonists a voice. We don't need TAU or TSR as a master, we can think for ourselves, thank you.

Eleanora (The Council of Elders)

This will pass.

Kitty (TAU Surveillance Ring)

I'd like to see Corteza try to run a class III core diagnostic. Taking care of TAU isn't a piece of cake like she thinks. Seems she thinks cake will solve everything.

Finally, we asked Corteza herself what she thinks about all these comments:

For those who've supported us, I give my deepest thanks. Our success depends on you all! For those who fear my movement will shake their seat of power, ask yourself this question: What good will your power be to you when TAU breaks down again? When you're starving but your stomach can't handle food? When all those who looked up at you as their leader, perish at your feet, begging you for a solution you choise not to allow?

Re: DVI-Inet Issue 5/104 - The Election Special (25.12.104)

Contested: The Free-for-all Sharepoint

As many of the poorer colonists are happy to know, one of the sharepoints at the center of The Mall has a give-free-take-free policy. The sharepoint has been administered by Hansila of Society of Free Colonists. For years, however, there has been competition for the administration of that spot, due to the fact it's located in one of the best spots in the entire tower. We've interviewed both Hansila and McGregor of Tower Engineering Society, who's consistently tried to win over the sharepoint for several consecutive years.

Hansila, why is it important that this sharepoint remains under your control?

Hansila: "Control" is a bit misleading considering I'm actually trying to control it as little as possible. But I believe the tower needs at least one sharepoint dedicated to their true purpose: sharing without strings attached. Many younger colonists have no real chance of obtaining advanced tools other than this sharepoint.

McGregor, how do you respond?

McGregor: Where should I begin? Hoarding? Camping? Valuable tools wasted on and broken by those untrained in their use?

Hoarding? Camping? I'm not sure if all the readers are familiar with those terms. Would you explain them to us?

McG: Hoarding is when you pick up all content in a free sharepoint in order to trade it along or just keep it in case of some future need. After all, why not take it if it's free? Camping is when you wait by the sharepoint for someone to donate something in, and pick it up as soon as they're gone. Often these two are done by the same people. I don't think I'll have to explain why neither is beneficial to anyone but the perpetrators.

H: The problems of hoarding and camping have been wildly exaggerated. The items shared in my sharepoint have mostly been relatively low-end - not worth the time os most hagglers. As for campers, if you need something badly enough to stand there by the sharepoint for several hours, then obviously it's going to be for good use.

McG: Maybe the bolts and screws are left in peace but try donating an SMK or even an RCI in that sharepoint, and be sure it's gone within the hour. This is why nobody donates those things in there anymore so the thing is that much more useless again.

McGregor, how would you reprogram the sharepoing if you were to win the election?

McG: I'd make it into a supply point for various engineering projects. Each project could store items in there, with access to them given to the people working on that project. As it is now, we have to run to Tubelift Central or the lockerhalls whenever we need to switch tools or get spare parts, which is a great waste of time.

H: Meaning, he would take the most central spot in the tower and turn it into an exclusive storehouse for his ring.

McG: Not only my ring. There are many projects led by others I would be happy to grant access to.

What does each of you wish to say to the people unsure on what to vote on?

H: Vote for liberty! The right of everyone to be useful in the tower, without having to try to please the leadership of big rings.

McG: Vote for common sense...

Re: DVI-Inet Issue 5/104 - The Election Special (25.12.104)

Contested: Mark VII Cockpit-Controlled Structural Displacement Engine

Every now and then the vote is extended to individual tools or high profile. And what would be more high-profile than a five-meters high, telescopic, semi-automated construction facility with ten multipurpose robotic arms and an uncontested resistance of gravity forces? Built by The Tubelift Central Collective, the CCSDE's ownership has now been contested by Claude of The French Clique, in charge of the Restoring Life-Support Project. We've interviewed both Claude and Barbaros, leader of The Tubelift Central Collective

Barbaros, what is your ring using the CCSDE for?

B: We're building new factories at Tubelift Central, in order to boost our damage-control efforts there. Many of the systems in the Tubelift Central are significantly different from those in other parts of the tower, so we need a special set of tools and spare parts to keep them in order. Sadly, people don't understand the importance of our efforts, so we've not been able to produce these items in factories of others. Without factories of our own, we have to resort to manual assembly, a situation we're trying our best to fix.

Claude, what would you use this piece of machinery for?

C: The Restoring Life Support Project has now reached a stage at which we need to do a major restructuring of Ringlab B. And everyone knows the kinds of forces at play when you try to restructure something that carries the weight of several hundreds of meters of tower above it. For safety's sake, we'll need the best tools to assist us in this work, and that tool is the Mark VII CCSDE.

B: A Mark V would be good enough for you by far...

C: I doubt that. The implications of Ringlab B collapsing would be huge.

B: Why don't you build your own tools then?

C: The voting system is in place so that tools will be used where they're most needed.

I don't think anyone can deny the importance of the Restoring Life Support Project. But what implications would slowing down the work in the Tubelift Central have?

[b]B: People don't understand the importance of the Tubelift Central to the overall vitality of the tower functions. No, there are no life-support systems or terraforming machinery or AI Cores back there, but it doesn't mean it's full of irrelevant junk! The Tubelift Central houses many critical auxiliary systems, including Chimbot maintenance depots, energy level measurement systems, cold reserves... Everything TAU needs to function at full capacity.

C: May be, but the situation in Ringlab B is a life and death question not only to the people working there but also to the scientific efforts in the tower.

B: This is exactly what I meant.

Anything else you'd like to say to the voters?

C: Help us make the tower into a safer place.

B: ... which won't happen if you keep letting it fall deeper and deeper into decay.

Re: DVI-Inet Issue 5/104 - The Election Special (25.12.104)

Contested: TG-102

The semi-automatic workbench at the TG-102 spot (at The Garden) have traditionally been under the administration of Sara of The Watch. Last year, however, it was surprisingly won over by Eeb of Stargazers. This year, Sara is looking to regain the spot.

Sara, how do you feel about having to campaign for your old spot?

Sara: It feels kind of ridiculous, actually. I've been taking good care of this spot for years, and then these folks came out of the blue and took over. No good reasons given or anything, just a surprise flooding tactic on their part.

Eeb: It was a fair vote, and we've taken quite as good care of the workbench as anyone. I think we've provided an alternative for those who wish to work in Recspace without having to be at the good graces of The Watch.

S: It's not like they actually do anything with that workbench. We've been doing all the work anyways, now we just have to 'link to them at Labspace whenever we want to do something we've been doing for years. Except when they're making their toys, of course.

E: There's no law against scientists holding workbenches, especially if they do it as fairly and equally as we do.

S: They made a toy telescope!

A toy telescope?

S: Yep. They wasted precious materials and workbench time to manually assemble a little telescope for themselves, so they can play astronomer. Anyone look outside lately? There's not that much use for telescopes...

E: It's hardly fair to make such an issue about something we made in three hours. But if you insist, yes, we did create a hand-held telescope. It has a holoscreen at the far end, combined with a direction detector. Looking through it, you see the night sky the way you'd see it without the ceiling and the clouds between. It's really inspired us and we're happy to lend it to anyone interested in the stars. You can even see Sol if you look between 13:35 and 0:12.

I see. What else would you like to say to your prospective voters?

S: Let's put our resources to proper use. Like adults.

E: If you want smooth and relaxed admin service, remember Eeb and TG-101.