Topic: The Timeline

This timeline has been created by combining elements from my previous envisionings with elements from the original Seed datasets. It overrides any earlier historical lore in case of conflict.

The years are counted backwards and forwards from the moment the first colonists first

913 BA: The fifth Seed ship, Solidarity, begins its journey towards Beta Hyi.

702 BA: Solidarity arrives at its destination and begins the terraforming process by sending down the iceberg.

686 BA: The first tower is constructed in the crater left by the iceberg.

610 BA: The weather begins to get worse.

600 BA: TAU abandons the first tower and builds a new one in a canyon further to the south.

0 AA: The First Six

TAU estimates the probability of success for its plans to be below 50 % - unacceptable. New plans, more creative ones, are needed. TAU concludes its creativity matrix is too limited for the task. It decides to grow six humans to aid its planning processes. They begin their speedgrowth in the newly constructed speedgrowth chambers.

2 AA: Human Contribution

The first six begin their work, operating solely from their floatbeds by the means of a virtual reality interface. They have the representation of the entire tower at their disposal, as well as any data collected by TAU. TAU has the decicion power in all matters but relies heavily on the human minds for advice.

Together, the Legendary Six act as an efficient brainstorming unit, improving the odds of the colonization to 56 %.

11 AA: Out of Bed

Having decided they need more direct control of matters, the first six convince TAU to awaken them from their dream. For the purpose, TAU builds a habitat into a small space in the Middle Cluster, consisting of Floatbed Chamber A and Locker Hall Alpha, the latter equipped with analysis and research equipment. The Six also ask TAU to begin growing new batches of colonists, to aid them in their hands-on work. New colonists start to awaken six at a time.

23 AA: Tower Top Defence System

Construction of a tower-top defense system starts, mostly built by TAU but directed and occasionally aided by colonists. The purpose of the series of guns is to destroy any larger particles before they hit the tower, hurled by the occasional storms.

25 AA: Felman's Incarceration

TAU refuses to implement Felman's idea to bring the terraforming back by developing and releasing new greenhouse gases orders of magnitude more potent than methane or CO2. The population, who were mostly in favor of the plan, starts asking why it was again that TAU needed humans. TAU puts a stop on the project by locking Felman in his floatbed for an undefined period of time.

28 AA: The First Colonists Completed

The last of the 102 First Colonists emerge from the floatbeds. By this time, the colonists have found various ways to navigate the tower. They can't get into nearly all places and spend most of their time in their habitat. Their work is mostly analysis and research at this point, TAU being mostly capable of its own maintenance.

38 AA: Root Admin Lely

Lely gains root administrator rights to TAU. It's unclear whether they were granted by TAU or if she hacked it. Felman is immediately released, after spending 13 years in uninterrupted floatbed sleep. His project, however, had already been replaced by another one based on black algae.

43 AA: The Voting System

To help resolve several issues that had arised between the colonists and escalated during the long years, the ownership and voting system is put into place. Felman's idea is implemented by Lely, using her administration powers over TAU. Votes, at this point, is still rather rare, as the less than hundred people are mostly capable of resolving their issues between themselves. The voting system is mostly regarded well.

52 AA: The Dambuster

An incredibly huge flash flood thunders down through the canyon systems to ram the tower. Colony caught flatfooted. Turns out a black algae designed to raise overall temperatures through greenhouse effect unexpectedly climbed a huge gletcher to the east and managed to melt it. Yet another result of not coordinating terraforming efforts. Suddenly flashfloods become an annual event and warning systems have to be put into place.

74 AA: Lely's Death

Lely, the root admin and caretaker of TAU, dies a mysterious death. The sorrow, mixed with accusations of foul play, creates a rift between Felman and the rest of the remaining First Six. As the only one who's spent enough time studying TAU with Lely, Felman takes over her position as TAU's root admin.

75 AA: Felman's Disappearance

85 AA: The Tower Buster

In a storm-of-the-century, a huge rock slams into the tower top and tears it away. People, space and machinery lost. The massive top fragment is hurled a good distance across the frigid tundra above the canyons, and here it still lies waiting for recovery.

A huge plate ("The great plate") is rushed into place to seal the gaping hole leading directly into the tower core, where everything precious to the colony is stored. Many people die securing the site, and there is doubt as to how long the plate will stay in place.

The tower defense systems are gone as well, leaving the tower at the mercy of the environment. Replacements are begun during the following years, but the colonists never manage to fully restore the former capacity. Now and then wind-tossed rocks will slam into the tower hull ripping it open and letting microbes inside.

85 AA: The Second Generation

The Tower Buster left the tower seriously lacking in manpower. The violent, cold winds that suddenly razed through the unprotected Canyon killed tens of colonists and more followed during the damage-control. Combined with deaths and accidents that had been happening all throughout the near-century of life in the tower, the First Colonists were nothing but a shadow of what they had been - forty people or so, many of them traumatized beyond repair. Of the Legendary Six, only Sebastian remained.

Because of all this, the hatching of new colonists is began, first quickly, then slower to replace losses. Since there's now a lot of maintenance work to do, the population is stabilized at about 500 people. Unfortunately, as they realized, a population this big started to lead to serious factionalization.

88AA: Tyler's Mistake

Performing improvised experiments on human stem cells and native fungi, Tyler unleashes an epidemic of fast-paced skin cancer into the tower population. His purpose was to vaccinate a person in speedgrowth with an experimental mixture of human and native DNA. Two months after awakening, the subject died of a horrible skin cancer, which spread quickly into the tower population. The epidemic was finally contained but not without heavy casualties.

A democratic trial sentenced Tyler to blockers - a modification to his necklink keeping him from interfacing with TAU or most equipment. Some argued he should have been allowed to continue working: after all, he had contributed a lot to the colony effort prior to the incident and his loss would be felt by the scientific community. Tyler was the only one tried, even though many suspected he had help.

Tyler was found dead in the Shaft two years later. He was assumed to have committed suicide.

89 AA: The Association of Scholars

The Association of Scholars is formed to oversee the safety regulations of all laboratories and simulators. The group forms around Mohale, the best expert on such safety measures in the tower.

99 AA: The killing blow

Almost 15 years after the first big one, another large scale disaster strikes. A storm of unexpected magnitude causes a massive flashflood, which in turn hammers through the algae reservoir membrane and floods the fusion reactor below it, causing a brief shutdown and then a massive power spike spreading through the tower.

All systems take extensive damage, an unknown number of people are killed and contact between the two clusters are severed. TAU, already damaged by the tower buster incident, is shattered and fragmented. Contact is lost to both the processes in the speedgrowth chambers and the TAU Master Processes in the main core. The power spike even seriously damages the mirror database at the Middle Cluster, leaving only the backup, containing only the more crucial information.

Physical access had already been lost to many parts of the tower due to previous damages, such as the core blockage. Now, many of the remaining passages have been poisoned, radiation-polluted, or simply collapsed. The community is basically stuck in the Middle Cluster for the time being.

100 AA: Population Boom

Seemingly on its own, TAU begins breeding new colonists at a rapid pace. Due to lost access to the speedgrowth chambers, the matter cannot be investigated.

104 AA: The Second Chance

Mizuki, Mike, Ishi, Tagato, and Andrea are born on 10.5.104. Relay is born on 24.12.104. This year was also the year of the Blackout, when TAU was offline for almost a day, as well as increased Lurker activity.