Topic: Clarification

Ishi - unaffiliated

Since I seem to be everyone's favourite stickpuppet lately when it comes to them arguing everything that they think is wrong about The Horizon, I'd better explain leaving before they get at it again.

Now, the timing might imply it, but this has nothing to do with what I do or not feel about the way Sebastian is punished at the trial. That had little to do with the Horizon, really.

Nor is it about what we are on trial for, or I'd have left immediately after it was decided that we would face trial too (which, I might add, was not a spur-of-the-moment decision during the hearing, but had been decided upon well in advance).

It also has nothing to do with the general way the Ring is run, which I have no problem with and still agree with. The Ring's mission is also not of importance in my decision.

What made me leave the Horizon was the punishment they voted for for Andrea, Jaana, Aviah and Sinuhe on the trial. I found option 2 possibly the worst of the 4, the only thing I can call it is disgusting. I could not associate myself with any Ring that thinks it was a good option.


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