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Hi again, been a while since I posted, however I was always around, I just don't interact alot.

Anyway, I seem to vaguely remember an event.
I'm going to have to be very vague here cause my memory is pretty fragmented, seems my brain is refusing to give me access to the end days of Seed. tongue

I think I recall something, I think it was on TAU news thingy, that a body was found somewhere in the tower, and that there were whispers about... murder?

Now, since i'm pretty sure I'm being right here, I'm wondering what the details were around this event, did it get solved, will it remain a mystery forever, was it just a simple accident?

I'm looking for some mysteries for my Seed pen and paper rpg (private use only mind you, nothing illegal here due to copyrights and such). Yes RPG is still in development, I left it in cryo and did another one first seeing I needed more time to develop it with our self made RPG system, but i'm working on my Seed again v2.0.

I've been thinking about Seed alot the last few days, seems every once in a while I get really nostalgic. I'm dead tired with combat mmo's, been trying conan pvp, was horrible.
So, i've been doing some none combat the sims 2 then hehe.


Re: I seem to remember...

Yeah, there was a rumour about a murder. If I recall correctly, it was started because some PC/NPC, previously unknown, posted a message on TAU about seeing someone big in a green suit strangle/murder someone petite in a red suit. We walked all over and asked all sorts of people about this, but found nothing, except some footprints in one of the loading bays down to the Shaft. I can't remember if the person who wrote the message said the murder took place there or not. We also sent a letter to that person, which was never answered.

So, that's what I remember about that particular murder.

Later, there were other murders as well, and the body of Mtumbo was found by Tara and Zanders in The Pit, that was near the end of Seed. That one made an article in DV-Inet, which Tara wrote. We never managed to clear up that investigation, but it seemed there were someone going around and killing the older Seeds. Mandarok, Mtumbo's best friend, was also killed prior to that.

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Aha, how was it, where there actual "dead" and visible characters lying about, or was it strickly text / article based?

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The latter. Lots of stuff was make-believe, just as in real RP smile Though the plan was for the artists to create the assets that the storydepartment and the GM's communicated to them, based on what happened ingame. At the end of the game, one hub was transformed into a relaxing spot with a tree and benches based on ingame RP smile