Topic: Discussion with Ishi about volunteering

I asked Ishi about her reasons to volunteer to be used as test subject instead of column six humans and she agreed I could post here our discussion about all this. I feel that this will help us all to understand each other better.

Here it is:

[14:25:44] Relay: "Ishi - can I talk to you?"
[14:26:54] Ishi: "If it's important... Someone else is talking to me to so I might not have full attention."
[14:28:08] Relay: "Are you volunteering to be used as test subject instead of column six persons? I would like to know reasons for it if possible if it is true. "
[14:28:45] Relay: "I desire to understand this situation."
[14:32:54] Ishi: "You can't come up with any reasons yourself?"
[14:35:10] Relay: "Yes, but they would be reasons I would most likely come up with. Humans reflect on themselves - we might be somewhat different and my answers could be very wrong. "
[14:36:47] Ishi: "Because this is as much a slippery slope as setting prisoners up as testsubjects. The people from 6 are people, even if they are clinically not alive at this moment, regarding brain activity. They have no choice in this matter. It is better if this is done to someone who volunteered. Remember that. It might be needed later on in these tests to and I might not be there."
[14:37:17] Relay: "I agree with you."
[14:39:06] Relay: "Knowing you've made that decision is comforting. "
[14:39:36] Ishi: "It won't be the last time someone needs to make it. "
[14:41:28] Relay: "No"
[14:42:01] Relay: "You are brave one. "
[14:42:38] Ishi: "Yes, I wonder..."
[14:43:49] Relay: "Tell me. "
[14:44:13] Ishi: "Nothing important."
[14:45:39] Relay: "Perhaps I will volunteer. Sometimes good play needs sacrifices."
[14:46:50] Ishi: "To be infected? Don't. Not now at least. They might need only the one subject."
[14:47:07] Ishi: "And you know even less well than I what would be waiting for you."
[14:48:07] Relay: "It is possible. What you did wonder is important to me to know."
[14:49:27] Ishi: "Not really"
[14:50:00] Relay: "Very well."
[14:50:43] Relay: "It is good to know you that volunteered for this. "
[14:54:46] Relay: "Could you write a explanation about this situation to TAU message boards? I do worry how this all will reflect on Khitasang and some of us volunteers and testsubjects are worried about you. "
[14:55:57] Ishi: "Feel free to post the contents of this conversation. If not I might explain later but I don't see how it's necessary. It's clear that I volunteered."
[14:56:26] Relay: "Very well. "