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Why? What idiot actually believed that turning Dragonball into a live action movie with hollywood actors would be a great idea? Has the credit crunch made people so utterly desperate? Other than a few balls, the names and a green skinny dude it seems to have nothing to do with DB or DBZ.

They should have at least asked Uwe Boll to direct it, then it was a believable anime-to-movie screw up. Now it smells like a US Cable Network Dumbing Down With Emo Allures version...believe me, the acronym DBE: UCNDDWE isn't a great marketing tool.

There is one thing we can safely expect...gazillions of sequels....each on its own not telling anything specific, but if you take the time to follow it over the span of 15 years you might pick something up about space monkeys, pigs, turtles and androids with a personality problem.

After milking the" japanese long haired creepy chick" genre, Hollywood has discovered the "ridiculously stretched storyline-anime" to abuse.

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Hehe.. sounds 'interesting'

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watch and weep