Topic: Data Set: Arash's Notes, Day 1

06:23:10: I finally have time to record what has happened today. I have made my peace with the past as well as was possible, and sent the last letters to those I care for.

The Tower is largely quiet - TAU recalled all seeds to their floatbeds. Most obeyed TAU, either out of habit, or trusting in it to know best. By fluke of a buggy subprogram or an actual sound plan, it has decided to take back responsibility of the mission.

Quite a few of us felt that obeying TAU might amount to a death sentence for all, and an end to the mission. TAU is badly broken and confused - it does not seem to know about the virus spreading with the fungus. It cannot withstand the storms, and it still does not seem to know its top is missing. Trusting TAU to take care of problems it couldn't even handle when it was working properly is 'optimistic' at best.

Therefore, I have assembled a team to increase our overall chances of survival. A small, dedicated team that is just now busy reconfiguring a few floatbeds to be outside of TAU's control.

The team consists of the following people:

Arash of The Mission
Dustman of The Network
Mehken of The Mission
Miho of Evolution
Nuala of Biology and Health Unit
Shaun of The Mission
Tantavalist of The Mission
Tin of Tau Divers

We will retreat to Recspace with our resources and tools. There, we will work on a cure for the Corona Virus, to be injected into the floatbeds. We will find a way to remove the fungus, and we will monitor the tower for critical problems. We will, in short, help make sure both the tower and the seeds in extended floatbed rest will survive.

In theory, that is the plan. In practice, TAU will probably remove most life-support from the tower aswell as power from the factories. Our necklinks might go inactive or chimbots might attack us on sight. Of course we will try to solve these issues - but apart from that, 8 seeds keeping an eye on the whole tower is an almost impossible task. We know we are not likely to see our friends and loved ones again, but we can hope and we can work.

I better mention that we found another seed outside her floatbed today. Esperance of Nova Gaia. She decided to try to go outside, and we have not been able to find her since. Sadly, we think she chose to end her life outside, rather than to go to the floatbeds.

Apart from her and us, we believe all seeds are now inside their floatbeds. I can see the realization that we are now responsible for their well-being beginning to dawn on the team. They seem determined however, and I have a feeling we will work well together. Time will tell, but I hope that one day someone will be here to read these notes.

- Arash, of The Mission

((Picture of the team leaving for Recspace after a last look out of the tower:

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