Topic: Newbies

I have sometimes considered SEED as the only online game worth playing. Where playing, is worthwhile.

I have recently looked for games similar for SEED, and even tried codeveloping my own games (with varying levels of success), but SEED has always had a certain allure for me (I did not hear about it during its release, and by the time I did, SEED was gone).

But not until today did I realize that these forums existed.

Also, not until today had my friend convinced me so empathetically that EVE online was a terrible game to play. Orginally, I did not play the game because of the specs. Then, because all avatars had frowning faces. And afterwards, because EVE online does not have a newbie-friendly community.

But I am interested in playing... If I can find a Corporation to join.

My interests are mining and building, but later-on in the game (3-5 weeks in) I would like to try escorting.

I do not know if there is a sociable Corporation in EVE, but if there is, it would be here.

Re: Newbies

Hey Phenoca smile

Well, no one from this community plays EVE right now I believe, we're in LotRO and Fallen Earth. There are some very nice RP Alliances and Corporations in EVE actually, probably also lots of nice, social ones, but I for one have lost touch with the game and can't help you there smile