Re: And you? What are you eating tonight?

Ok, my turn again. Apparently you guy liked my mushroom and cream dish, so here it goes:

Mushroom and cream
You'll need:
- Some Button mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) aka "Champignons de Paris" or similar
- Garlic
- cream
- Parsley
- Olive oil
- Salt and pepper

But also: A pot, a knife, a spoon and a cutting board.

Wash the mushrooms, cut the top of their foot, if it's brown or hollow, just remove it. If the mushrooms are small, just let them like this, if they are too big like the ones on the picture, cut them in 4 or more pieces.

Version 1: I looooooooooooooooove garlic!
Just use one clove of garlic and cut it in little pieces. Then let it cook for a while in the pan with olive oil. The fire must be really really soft so that the garlic stays white. You don't want it to burn it's not good >_>

Version 2: Garlic.. well yeah but not that much.
Then just cut the clove in half and crush it under the blade of your knife. Then like above, cook it with olive oil above a very soft fire. And remove the clove before adding the mushrooms.

Add the mushrooms in the pan with a tear of water (or white wine if you have any). Mix with the garlic and oil then cover the pan. Medium fire.
Cook for 5 minutes, then remove the cover. Now you just have to let the mushrooms reduce. You can put the fire at high but make sure to stir the mushroom often.

When the mushrooms has reduced enough (they must be soft under a knife) add the cream and reduce the fire at medium again. Add salt and pepper then let the cream reduce until it's wrapping the mushrooms nicely.
Cut the fire and add some freshly minced parsley.

Serves with meat or fish smile