Topic: Hello to all of you

I've remembered the Seed community and specially my time on Seed a few days ago. Made a little search on google and found the old forums again.

Logged in and it says next to my nickname: "Last visit 2006-10-14 13:14:39"

Its been a long long time, and I just wanted to say Hi to everyone of you who have been with me on Seed in the past and that have maintained this community alive.

Thank you for the fun moments and congratulations.


Re: Hello to all of you

Hello Camolas, and thanks for the fun yourself smile These forums are pretty quiet, but we're active on our IRC channel, and we're holding Seedmeets in exotic countries each year, so we're not quite dead wink

Re: Hello to all of you

Yeah, most of active seedlers still see each other everyday on the IRC channel, soooo.. There is not much more to say on the forum ^^

But we're still alive! And yeah, I should think about the future of the forum.. Well I'll  have plenty of time when I'll be in Denmark tongue