Topic: Seeds recruiting in Final Fantasy XIV

We're a new (in FFXIV), small company looking to experience and enjoy the game in our own pace. We like to explore all aspects of a game, experiencing all we can and keeping a tight community of mature, friendly people who want to enjoy the game without any stress or requirements set upon them.

That said, we're quite passionate about our gaming, and you can find some or all of us online every day, enjoying our exploration of all nooks and crannies of the world. We'd ideally like a few extra who feel the same way, who've not hit levelcap yet (we haven't), and who want to be part of creating a new, tight FC from the ground up. People who help each other and share the enjoyment of new experiences and things to do.

We're relaxed gamers from a roleplaying community who take gaming seriously, but not too seriously - no drama and no pressure, but instead people to experience the game with and perhaps become friends with sharing other MMO's down the road.

As mentioned, we come from an RP community, but for FFXIV it is up to the individual whether they want to RP. We have members who'll be happy to RP with you, and we have members who are happy experiencing the game without RP'ing. There is space for both, but we want to mention it as an added 'bonus' if you will for the RP'ers out there.

We have a lively IRC channel up and running for our community, as well as a (not so active) homepage, that lists some of the MMO's we've been in previously.

So, we're active and looking to go all the way in the game - in each members own time. We're looking for new friends - not too many to make it a free company that needs organizing, maintaining and too many rules. A small company consisting of gaming friends you can relax with - in a passionate way. 'Casual' and 'Hardcore' are terms that both apply to us and if you feel the same way, we might be a good fit for each other. 

As such, we'd like to know a bit about you and why you want to join, and the 3 of us who're active now will need to decide as a whole who to let in. Also, you can of course ask questions of us as well, or just hang out with us, doing things together, so you get a feel of how we roll.

New players to FXXIV who want a stable, tight group and who yet have to experience the game are very welcome to apply and experience the game with us. Older players who like what we've just written here are welcome as well, but ideally we want to share the game with people who haven't experienced all of it yet, so we grow and experience together.

If that sounds interesting, feel free to PM me, or contact 'Nelaux Zumont' ingame.

And if you made it this far, you're probably a person who actually likes reading and writing text, that's already a good sign wink