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you playing the eu or us version?

*slaps darkhawk for distrusting his word*

I cant make it :\ I got a really long exam periode from 4th of june to 2nd of july...and of couse there are simply no way for me to know yet when my exams will be... sad

to darkhawk: No..i cant simply go to the reexam either. If i cancel one single exam this year i wont be alllowed to continue on to the 2nd year...

May/June is undoable for me...examns and stuff... so I wouldnt be able to go before July sad


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uh! sounds like fun!

But it would really depend on the dates choosen if I can come along or not. How long in advance would we need to reserve a cottage?


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backstapping and manipulation.... i am in wink

as for play-times i am pretty flexible. However sunday afternoons sounds good


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(was it ever gone..?)

Got a mail from the ryzom team, as i guess some of you did as well:

Ryzom - the long awaited return!

To keep you informed if you are not yet aware. For 9 months, our company : "Winch Gate Property Ltd" - based in Cyprus, took over Ryzom to put it back on its feet and allow you to continue to play your favorite game.

Our first action was the restoration of free online play on all our servers. This has continued for more than 8 months now.

Since then, we have applied two large patches that you have recieved for free. These patches have fixed many bugs and added many new features. You can find the content of these two patches here and here. But we will not stop there, in the future we plan to release many patches, on a regular basis.

Concerning Events : many have already taken place on Atys, with many others ready to be launched to entertain you; thanks to our dedicated animation team. The path to the : "Power To Player" is at hand ;-).

Finally, we are in the process of reactivating our "System Subscriptions" from Monday 4th May 2009 and begin payment effectively in two weeks.
With the reopening of these paid subscriptions, we can finally get your financial aid to help fund not only the operation of our game and our teams, but also the future development to come that we have planned.

Above all, remember that starting today, you get two weeks free game time, whereafter - you get the opportunity to come and play test the latest additions to our patches.

CAUTION: In two weeks all accounts will become paying accounts, you can find the new prices at here and the terms here (As you can see, the subscription price has been heavily revised downwards, for example a single monthly subscription is now 7.95 Euro's).

The free trial pass gives three weeks of free and unlimited gaming that does not limit levels gained during the three week period (You are no longer forced to remain on Silan). Do not hesitate to invite your friends, as the game is still free to download (and play - within trial account limits) here and a new free trial account can be created here.

Now you are on the road to Atys, a wonderous, living world awaits, let the adventures continue!

The Ryzom Team.

any of you guys still playing? I have been kinda thinking about jumping back in the MMO genre and this would be worth giving an other try if any of you are still playing as well

Seems the new dev team are pretty focused on the roleplaying aspect of it...Claiming big things like player influence on the story and history: http://forums.ryzom.com/showthread.php?t=33921
Not that i understand the concept (maybe someone can explain it?) but good to see them supporting RP.

hm...maybe i should consider the idea of getting rich..just so i could be that crazy guy who threw a ton of money after crazy game projects tongue

But yeah, i am pretty sure most of us know you guys worked real hard on it. The stranges comment from mmorpg.com is a guy who says something like "its a shame, seed could have been a great PvE game" huh... more like RPG-PVP hehe

Not a good mention, but seed grabs first prize for shortest lived MMOs wink

http://www.mmorpg.com/showFeature.cfm/f … 952/page/2

At least we arent the only ones who still remember it hehe


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sniff...the canyon was great!

Looking good nuala! (and dust!)


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i was wondering when you where going to make a thread about this smile

quite interresting, i guess there should be a chance for a real RP server

edit: woot...post 333 big_smile


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arrrg!!! change!!!

you know how i feel about change and new stuff...its not good for ya!

thanks nuala..things look good big_smile


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and yes...you are being pretty vague! Maybe i should start to hang out in irc again so i can figure out what evil plans you got...



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*is confused by darkhawk*

happy b-day!


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so yeah...they announced the closed beta for this a few days ago....


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Hey! how come there isnt any notice on the forum you got your b-day kryg?

No happy b day from me without!!


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*slaps darkhawk*

hey! Its no shame being waaaaay behind on gaming news wink

It may be a rip-off of lemmings...but that doesnt make it any less fun to play


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I know...old news but I havent tried it before today and there isnt a thread about it on the forum :mrgreen: 

World of Goo is great! Play it if you havent!

Really cool gameplay, amazing level design, great soundtrack and its a puzzle game with a storyline (well..sort of hehe) !

Some of the levels can be a bit tricky but so far I haven been able to do them all (just got to chapter 3, out of 5 in total i think)


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Hmm...perhaps i should start getting back into the irc channel as well....


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happy b-day! Be careful not to eat too much cake!


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happy b-day!


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Wrathe I guess most of us got the "oh it wont be as good" attitude because seed was, for many of us, the best online game(i would personally go as far as to put it on my top 3, both online and offline) we ever played. That combined with the fact that all of us on this site no doubt noticed what a few bad rp'ers can do to a game like that. It needs to be supervised/GM'ed by someone who is getting paid (and thus can get fired if they aint doing a good job wink )

However you may be right that we have simply gotten used to hang around on our site and irc channel and talk about the good old days and therefore have become like a bunch of old men talking about how the young kids of today have gotten it all wrong smile

Even if we were able to put it up on a private server with the last online build of the game then i doubt i would play it for long. The great thing about seed was that we saw it develop in the direction the playerbase wanted it. Want to customize a chimbot? Give the devs 1-2 weeks and its in-game. Want to grow a tree? Give em a week and its there. I doubt that would be doable with only volunteer work. Part of the problem would be time, and dedicated from the people involved....but for a project such as this i doubt that would be that big of a problem. The second part of quality.... We all know how much crap can be found on the internet, no doubt the quality of a privately run seed world would drop.

Cheers smile


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Uh...this is what happens when i am without internet for a few days tongue

Well first of all welcome to the forums zammy! Hope you stick around!

On many parts i fully agree with norah. Seed simply would not be the same without a dedicated full time dev team with as much talent as the runestone guys. A bunch of fans working together via the internet would *not* be able to develop a game as seed imo.

I noticed the following comment "Such type of game will never ever have real commercial success!" - i could not disagree more with this. Try to read krolls "end of the road" statment he made when seed closed down (its around here somewhere :S ). I do belive a game as seed could have commercial success. It is simply a matter of MMO's being so complex in nature that they require a *lot* more time (and thus money) then anyone realises before its too late wink

Dont get me wrong - I would love to see seed back in some form, but it simply would not be the same without a dev team working on it, plus some great GM's the run the storyline.
Actually...I am wearing my seed t-shirt right now, and I still got a smile on my face whenever i put it on - but i am afraid that making seed open source just wouldnt re-create the game in the form that it was.