I suppose I've been communicating badly about this: Currently, only Wheri and Chris have shown interest in continuing this campaign. Wheri, do you want to play with only two players?

Right. Well, that's it then, I guess. Unless the rest of you want to continue with three players... or find a replacement... or play solo... or something. Sorry for the last two skippings, as they were due to me.

Didn't mean to imply you had the motivational problems, Wheri.

Anyway, it seems like we're skipping again next Sunday... I'm going to see my brother in a faraway city this weekend...

Sorry for forgetting today's game. I was still recovering from getting a proverbial sledgehammer in my face on Friday.

Anyway, there seem to be many people with one or other kind of motivation related problem with this campaign. So if anyone finds the idea of discontinuing this campaign a negative, please reply to this thread.

Next game is next Sunday at the familiar hour. We skipped the previous session.

About next session: Everyone okay with Sun Jan 31, at 12:00 GMT?

For your information, I'm using this site as reference for medieval life: http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/en … dieval.htm

Of particular interest are, of course, the pages describing life of a peasant.

Please don't forget to join in this Sunday at 12:00 GMT

Moved to 16:00 GMT.

Please don't forget that we're playing tomorrow, at 12:00 GMT.

Some background info

Glenford Dale

Glenford Dale is a humble village located in a valley in a remote part of the kingdom. It's a good place to settle down, all things considered: the weather is mild and the two rivers bring fertile soil from the mountains. A hard-working farmer should expect to starve only once in a few years, when the weather plays tricks on the crops.

The village resides in the ford of the river, populated by about 80 peasants. To the east, ocross the river on top of a hill rests Glenford Manor, surrounded by a small but sturdy fort. Roads lead to nearby villages and towns, though they're rarely traveled except by the lord's couriers and the occasional merchant or noble guest.

Sir Ferdinand of Glenford

The lord of Glenford Manor takes pride in valor and justice. While quick to discipline the unruly and show the mutinous their place, he treats his subordinates with more respect than is perhaps appropriate to peasants. His lifestyle is nearly spartan, to the eternal frustration of his wife and amusement of his guests - and, of course, to the delight of his peasants whose tax burden is that much lower.

Price of Honor (RPGChat)

I know the war may seem distant to you. And indeed, if you asked a mapmaker he would say there's 245 miles between Glenford Dale and the bleeding walls of Crosney Fort. But we are not mapmakers, we are the king's servants! We who live of his land, know no such thing as distance. The enemy will be beaten back, and we'll be the makers of that victory. There are many manners of sacrifice, but everyone's contribution will be greatly valued. Those who do not falter from their duty will be duly respected by both me and His Highness himself! Let us stay strong! Let this country prosper!

- Sir Ferdinand of Glenford

You heard it, folks! Bring forth your purses!

- Jerod, scribe

Price of Honor is a minicampaign for a handful of players played over RPGChat. The players are peasants of Glenford Dale, whose lives are affected by a distant war. It's not for those of powergaming nature - expect your wealth, health and overall situation to be in steady decline. It's about conflicts between ordinary people arising from despair, so join with the appropriate attitude. It's a simple premise but a pretty strong one I believe.

The characters can range from village chiefs to young lads and wrinkly old grandmas. We'll create the characters either together or each of you with me, whichever is more convenient. There's no system - it's all about immersion and drama and GM fiat.

If you're interested, please respond to this thread and tell us what times in a week would suit you.


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I will be there if I get a lot of money and spare time (have to travel there by land afterall) by next summer.


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The Finnish midsummer celebration is on June 20th, which often extends to the following Sunday. I can already tell you that I'll not be around a computer on that Sunday.


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Oh, and I hope we don't start on the midsummer weekend.


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I sure didn't expect this! Very innovative.

Anyways, Sunday afternoons are good for me.


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This idea is so weird there's no reason not to maximize the weirdness. So I vote for different instances.

Mehken and Dustman: You mentioned you have other stuff to think about and so welcome the break. How long will those other stuff last? Not planning anything, but just curious.


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I'm interested, or curious at least. Are we going to live in the same story or are we all in different instances of it?


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Okay, I'm getting a bit too tired of this game again, so this is how it'll work from now on: By default, we're on a break. No games on Sundays or any other days unless otherwise stated. I'm hoping that by giving myself some time I can get interested in this campaign again, and make it more interesting to you as well.

Thanks, Dustman. We will play on the 22nd. I'll see what I'll do with it.

There won't be any STSC next Sunday. My creative energies are elsewhere at the moment.


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71. Restarting the Heart (21.-24.6.105)

It's been half a year without a decent towerquake... This doesn't bode well.
Have you ever actually seen Mizuki do any work here? I mean really, with some tangible results? She's always just sitting at The Window, staring at the storm outside. I think she's using Substance X or something.
Relay asked them to use genetic manipulation. That newborn really needs a history lesson! Doesn't he know genetic manipulation got us into this in the first place?
Why bother with genetic manipulation? Let's just turn ourselves into robots - that way no disease can ever touch us! Computer viruses on the other hand...
Khitasang and most doctors in this tower are certain genetic manipulation isn't the key. That should be enough. What other evidence could there be?
Nobody's touching my genes! I like myself the way I am - human!
Sometimes I wonder if there are more patients or visitors in that quarantine area. I mean it's good they get to meet their friends, but decontamining the suits is pain...
So do you believe in God?

((Thar, one of the test subjects, supports this idea.))