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Lol, that's why i recognised it. I have it in my hands every day


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That must be a d-pad!


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Darkhawk wrote:

Oh, and no to Midragar's guesses as well.. Only cheaters try to make more than one guess at a time.. *coughs and hopes nobody notices he did the same earlier*

Pfffft :demon:


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I've been thinking about a Wii Laptop, the Companion Cube, HAL 9000 replica, something Apple related...


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RGTR felt like a dissapointment to me. Graphics were partially stolen from Auto Assault and the whole crafting system felt a bit dodgy.
It was fun to play and controls were easy for someone used to playing shooters.
I also never had the feeling that it were really survivors from earth. It all felt like a bunch soldiers running around in a jungle.

But all NC Soft mmo's i've played always feel a bit plastic to me. I rarely get the feeling in their creations that i'm walking in a living breathing world.


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Ahnion wrote:

wonderfully textured game-world of Reality(tm).

Endgame sucks though and PvP needs some serious rebalancing.

DT seems fine enough for PvE, but wtf did they do it's pvp abilities?
Well yea Mir warned me and i'm now playing a HoX. It does aggro mobs five villages further, but i can take em all. Going to have to wait till White Sands to see what my sweet little lady can do. Her name is Nirtii.

DT imo seems to be a team-buff class with the ability to knock a few head around, but it definitly needs back-up in order to survive solo.

Mir wrote:
Esme wrote:

Sounds an interesting Guild Mir! At least you're having fun.

This video amused me smile http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-rl3RPC_Mw

Don't tell me this ability has been nerfed?!

Yes, it was nerferd.

What did you expect from Mir? Everything is nerfed tongue

Mir aka The Nerfed Nerfling what is your ingame main char. I only have Thargan atm

Mir did you ever realise that the classes as they are will be tweaked frequently?
I'm going to stick with my DT as i'm getting the hang of it and nothing sais that other classes will remain as they are.
I'm currently applying with the skullsplitters.
Only thing i don't quite get is PVP kill counter. When you are in a group and get attacked and you are able to kill the attacker. Shouldn't I get at least one kill or is it given to the member of the group that struck first?


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I hope it won't turn into vaporware.
It's great to see such initiatives come to life, but as it often happens with the littluns they run out of cash and dry up.

Regardless of the Mir spam rampage i went and bought it yesterday.

The new fighting system feels refreshing compared to those from wow, gw, etc...

It's still more or less point and click, but the fact that the direction you slash at makes fighting a bit more fun and more involving than going through the 1-5 hotkey sequence.

I rolled a char on a RP-PVP server, but i think i'll move to a RP-PVE one, not sure though.
Still have to experience any rp, but i just started yesterday evening. Patching took me 1,5 hours, so I hqven't play that much yet.

WoW could also learn a thing or two from the character creation. In AOC you at least can choose to be fat or skinny.

That's about it for my straight out of the box exoerience.


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Is URU-Live still up because i haven't heard anything about it for some time.

Will it be nice or will it be to cry about. BETA is up but i don't have key yet. Anyone else been able to get acces?


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Got a new pc now and TB runs far smoother aswell, was a bit disappointed when I crancked the visuals up to max that it wasn't that impressive. Only difference between lower and high specs was some transparancy-effect.


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I played rgtr both in beta and after it's release, but for some reason it runs very unstable for me, up to the point that it started to annoy me.
It ranged from textures and models getting messed up to random peaks of lag/frame rate drops.
My PC is almost in its geriatric-stage, but if I have to tune down the settings so much that it starts to look like doom, i rather play doom...


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I'm currently playing EvE, but I've migrated back to WoW, because rp in EvE seems to be mostly used to thinly shroud the main game-drive...shoot eachother and have the phattest fitting.
I know, WoW isn't rp heavy either, but I feel at home there if you get my drift...


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Hi, I'm not new, but I have returned...!

The name of my lore-master is Gherawen

What i like especially about the LoTRo enviroment is that not all "hostile" animals attack immediatly, they sometimes first growl at you in the hope of scaring you away.

ex: Tawny Bear outside Archet

I'm already in and although i love to play with dwarfs in most games, but that wobbly belly of theirs in LoTRo just annoys me to death, so i've finally settled for a female lore-master...forgot her name though ^^


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I've finally installed and started playing the expansion and i'm very happy to see now that i can conquer the world with vikings.
But why....oh why do my scouts look like indians, did i found islam and do i still have cavemen protecting my city as my first tanks assault egypt? Civ IV is utter madness, madnesss MAAAAAAAAAAADNEEEEESSSS *claws blindly into the air and screatches like a wounded oozling*


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...bastards...dunno if i can be of any help at all (as i don't have a clue how that toolkit works, was able to make a flat surface though *proud*). But if you need any background-developers etc, i've got enough little-voices to help you out there.


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As much as i loved the LOTR-movies and liked the hobbit (still need to finish LOTR-books), all the other spin-off just don't seem to interest me much.

I rather wait for Warhammer Online


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Today I saw UO: Samurai something (+ the other packs) lying around in a local store for 4 euro, was wondering about checking it out with the new graphic overhaul coming up, but is UO still worth it?