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Seems someone else uses the concept of SEED for a similar game: https://www.seed-project.io/

Fueled by discovery, collaboration and genuine emotion. SEED is a game that reinvents what it means to collaborate online. Simulating the future of humanity, the settlement of an exoplanet leads to endless possibility.


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Oluf wrote:


The IP, source code, art ect are owned by the investors of seed i believe. And from what we know they have no plans at all to release it as open source. Buying it from them you say? Maybe when we win the lotterty next time big_smile

The only thing if you really really want to experince the game is to get a hold of the client and a copy of the qube engine and load the data files. Someone here have done it, I havent tried it myself.

I've posted some clarifying information about license situation in http://seedthecommunity.org/viewtopic.p … 5495#p5495 .


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I got very detailed information from Lars Kroll Kristensen (the former CEO of Runestone Game Development) which I'm allowed to share here (I've just redacted personal address information for privacy reasons but you can find these information on your own with a search engine of your choice):

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Re: Relaunch of SEED as FLOSS community project?
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2018 10:20:55 +0200
From: <MailAddressOfLarsKrollKristensen>
Organization: ratatosk games
To: <MailAddressOfRookie-Doo>

Hi <Rookie-Doo>

The main investor was Niels Vejgaard: nv AT nvpant DOT dk
I have no idea if he is still active. It's been over ten years since I have had contact with him.

Best of luck !

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Subject: Re: Relaunch of SEED as FLOSS community project?
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2018 10:17:15 +0200
From: <MailAddressOfLarsKrollKristensen> <FindAddress@ratatoskgames.com
Organization: ratatosk games
To: <MailAddressOfRookie-Doo>

Hi <Rookie-Doo>

You are welcome to share the mail with the community. I'll dig around in old mail accounts and find contact info for the investor.
I dont know if the data is still even available though.... I might have an old backup lying around....


Lars Kroll Kristensen
CEO Ratatosk games
follow me on twitter @krolldk

<Rookie-Doo> skrev den 03.10.2018 14:45:
> Dear Lars,
> thank you so much for your explanation. May I ask who was the original
> investor?
> And would you allow that I quote your mail in
> http://seedthecommunity.org/viewtopic.php?id=321 seedthecommunity.org ?
> There are some older discussion requesting the code situation and maybe
> it woul be good to let the community know the situation.
> Best regards
> <Rookie-Doo>
> On 10/1/18 9:23 PM, Lars Kroll Kristensen wrote:
>> Hi <Rookie-Doo>
>>  Thank you very much for the email. It truly, honestly is awesome to
>> still, after so many years, have people remember Seed.
>> I dont know how much of this you already know, but when Runestone went
>> bankrupt, we, as the developers
>> no longer owned the game, the source code or the art assets. These
>> were
>> acquired from the assets of the bankrupt company
>> by one of the major investors. We had no problem with that: Our
>> investors believed in us when many others did not, and
>> they lost a lot of money gambling on us. Some years later, a person
>> approached us with a request similar to yours: He wanted
>> the assets and the code, and wanted to "resurrect" the project. By
>> then,
>> the team was long scattered: Some to other game development companies,
>> some to a career outside game development. I advised him against it,
>> but
>> he persisted. I brought it to our investor, who agreed to it, under
>> certain circumstances.
>> The endeavour ended with no result. Due to the nature of the deal with
>> the investor, the rights remained with our original investor, and the
>> person who approached us
>> didn't manage to get anything of the ground, for good reason. So:
>> status
>> now: The rights to the IP reside with our original investor.
>> He might be interested in selling (In fact, I'm sure he would). I
>> doubt
>> he would give it away, although I could be wrong: it has been many
>> years
>> now....
>> However: IF I wanted to resurrect Seed (which I don't' I'll explain
>> why
>> in a minute) : But IF I wanted to resurrect Seed, I would start over
>> from scratch, for a bunch of reasons.
>> 1: We based development on the Qube 3D engine. To my knowledge, that
>> engine isn't supported by anyone anymore.
>> 2: Our client and server code was home made, from scratch. It was, for
>> a
>> team of first timers into MMO dev, not a bad job, but there are MUCH
>> better MMO backends available now.
>> 3: The codebase would be hard for US to get up and running again, even
>> if, by some miracle, I managed to get the gang back together.
>> 4: The code base honestly did not perform well enough.
>> So: Why do I not want to resurrect Seed ? Personally, I moved on from
>> Seed many years ago, and so did the rest of the team. In fact, when I
>> told them about the guy trying to buy our
>> code and art and resurrect the project, the devs were not overly happy
>> about it. Not directly opposed, just not... happy about it. You see...
>> Seed was our baby. Our project. We bled for it.
>> We worked our asses of. We fought. We loved it. We shared triumphs,
>> heartaches and so many other things over that project. We also
>> stressed
>> and struggled along with the game, as we saw it all come apart.
>> And when the game died along with our company, we got the closure we
>> needed.
>> So, yes:It IS something we have considered. Considered, and rejected.
>> It
>> is something that would honestly I think be more painful than good for
>> us.
>> It is also something that would potentially be difficult from a legal
>> standpoint, unless you have funds to buy the rights.
>> and finally, It is something that would be extremely technically and
>> creatively difficult. Much more difficult honestly, than starting from
>> scratch.
>> If you want to build something like Seed, and can find the team to do
>> it, I'll personally be much more happy advising you on the pitfalls we
>> fell into, than I would be helping you resurrect Seed.
>> With todays engines (Unity, Unreal) you would honestly muh faster have
>> something up and running on that, rather than trying to breathe life
>> into a codebase noone has touched for 11+ years.
>> But again: It is truly humbling to have someone still love Seed after
>> all these years, and I thank you for that, and for the mail
>> Best regards
>> ---
>> Lars Kroll Kristensen
>> CEO Ratatosk games
>> <PhoneNumberOfLarsKrollKristensen>
>> follow me on twitter @krolldk
>> <Rookie-Doo> skrev den 30.09.2018 14:30:
>>> Dear Mr Kristensen,
>>> years ago I've played SEED when it was in beta. I was really sad that
>>> the development was stopped because SEED was such a unique
>>> experience,
>>> especially it was a game without any violence. I still wear the Shirt
>>> I
>>> won in the ingame foto competition. smile
>>> Over the years I became a Free Software acitivist (
>>> https://u.fsf.org/user-liberation/ ) because I've seen to many
>>> digital
>>> art disappearing because of proprietary code.
>>> That's why I wanted to ask: Did and/or your team consider to relaunch
>>> the SEED project as free/libre/open source software project,
>>> developed
>>> and maintained by the community?
>>> Best regards
>>> <Rookie-Doo>

So if I understood the situation right:

- It would be a less problem to buy the code and the rights of SEED.
- The code seems to have no value anymore because of too many technology changes.

Anyway: I'm still convinced that the concept of SEED would even better fit in our current society which has to discuss the problem how to survive on this planet without waging wars (the greatest aspect of SEED for me was that players had to repair the environment).

But: In my opinion a sustainable relaunch/new development of SEED can only be achieved if done if the new Code is licensed under a FLOSS license like the GPL. Any other attempt on a proprietary code base will end up in the same situation we have now. A game financed/developed/managed by the community should be (only) owned by the community.

Just an idea: If the current owner of the license and the code is willing to sell the rights the community could ask "índy game developers" like Tale of Tales or Introversion Software (or even ratatoskgames.com?) to develop the game as FLOSS if the community would pay them for. If one of the companies (or more, what about cooperation?) are interested, a Kickstarter campaign could finance the project. The project should end up with with FLOSS server and client software. Monthly payments collected and managed by the community will be used to pay server hosting, supporters and bug fixing (which company is hired for bug fixing would be up to the community because the FLOSS license would allow us to be totally independent in choosing developers).


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Kickstarter would be a way if it ends up in a relaunch of SEED as free/libre/open source software (FLOSS) project, developed and maintained by the community. Otherwise even funding the game by the community will end up that the game won't be maintained when the shareholders decide that it does not produce enough profit.


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Darkhawk wrote:

ok, try irc.mkc.fr instead.. If my memory serves me well.

SSL on "Auto" was the problem, had to change it to "off". Thx anyway! smile


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Darkhawk wrote:

use irc.seedthecommunity.org for all of that + portrange 6667-6667

We don't have any #seed channel on a irc-net server, Skanx hosts us on our own.

thx, but got the following error:

[22:39]    Connecting to irc.seedthecommunity.org (irc.seedthecommunity.org: 6667)
[22:39]    Notice from irc.seedthecommunit: *** Found your hostname
[22:40]    Notice from irc.seedthecommunit: *** No Ident response
[22:40]    ERROR : Closing Link: g227073007.adsl.alicedsl.de (Registration timed out)
[22:40]    *Disconnected*



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Lost my Miranda-Logindata for IRC.

Tried to use the Server of FU-Berlin under Germany:

"u-berlin.de / *.DE     
name:     276B Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany"

But Miranda needs "Network", "Server Name", "Internet Address" and "Port Range".

Problem. sad


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Okay, Seed.part01.rar to -Seed.part51.rar finished.
Are there 2189 files in 97 directorys by 3,14GB?

If yes, I'm ready and you can turnoff your database.


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Yes, I'm allready complete with the rar-parts. There are one or two broken parts - I still have to check it. Give me one more day than I should be comeplet. Thx again! smile


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Sekra wrote:

If possible give me some sort of progress report on how many files you've been able to download..

#1-5 done big_smile


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Hi Sekra,

thx for the possibility to download your package! I've started now. I'm only loading the seed.part1-51 - is this the "all in one package" with all the stuff of the several directories on your server?

gn8 and thx alot - I will host the stuff in my webspace until next weekend.

Edit: Ah I see, the 2,4GB file. kk.


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THX ALOT! smile

Darkhawk has sent me the latest client-data. In addition to this I will upload the org. beta-installation files, too. So everone can see the world of SEED by loading the files with qube. But I will post it in an extra thread when everything is ready for the database.


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I thought Sekras Homeserver is offline? He told me so. What is the link of his server?


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Ok, thx... we need a new database for the seed-stuff. I will arrange it in the next days.


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THX alot! smile


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The pixel-sizes are o.k. but ~30kb would be very fine. wink


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Okay, I will try it on this way, thx! smile


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Is it possible to increase the allowed size of an Avatar?

19kb are crap...  sad


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Nuala wrote:

Like most of us still have Seed installed on their computer, i guess we better use it for something useful. Like wandering in the tower just to feel very nostalgic again big_smile

That sounds wonderful. I still have the client. Is it possible to patch it on the last version after installing? If yes, how?



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was there a SEED Fansite-Package with PSDs (off. SEED-logo e.g.)?