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Hey all - thanks so much for taking part in yesterdays RP event - now offically entitled "Heart of Amber". I had great fun... and slightly shaking hands at times :mrgreen:

I dont think this is the last time Im gonna try and run an event, so any feedback you might have on yesterday will be much appreciated.

Was the plot too thin? Too thick? Was there too much downtime while I was changing characters? Did the chase in Pyr work out? Was it a good idea to have the compas disabled or was it just annoying? Was there enough to do for all players, or did anyone feel ignored by the GM? What did you like most? What did you like least? Stuff like that...

Unlike most other events I have witnessed and read about in Ryzom I think I was GMing this in a more tighly planned pen&paper style... did you feel too controlled? Was there a sense of freedom and initiative for you as a player, or did I ´kill´ it by laying down too tight a schedule? Did I cross any lines regarding you characters? I know I came close to directing Peruns thoughts too closely at a point...

Any ideas on involving other players? Great that Kyerna joined us spontaineously at the end... Any thing I could do better? Anything you could do better?

And most importantly off course... did you like it? Would you like to take part again?


Oh... and Im gonna post an offical "thank you" thread on the Ryzom official forums later today or tomorrow, to give Kudos to all who helped make this a very special evening indeed - including the players wink. Be sure to check it out, to see who worked behind the scenes to give you an evenings fun.

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That was intense, and I believe well done. I have no real criticism at all. In fact, it was NICE to see a PnP style scenario pulled off in a game. You and your helper cohorts did very well!

Being the one that made one of the hardest decisions (by far, Jeziellia was NOT the only one making hard choices last night)... I don't at all feel like I was limited. If Jez had left the camp instead of doing something - I know you would have adapted. And believe you me... She almost did not come back to the camp - why do you think she stopped outside? wink

I feel confident in saying those things since there's no way to change her decision.

Her journal entry won't be the best explanation of what happened, I don't think. Maybe it will.

I'm having a hard time writing it. I keep getting this weird lump in my throat, as her mind drifts toward certain thoughts - like the last time she saw him, which happened to be the first and last time he would ever really hug her to comfort her instead of vice versa.


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Ok, first off, I haven't had a more intense planned RP-event in SoR than this one, mainly sparked by the conclusion to it. It was over-all great Frakel. I think the PnP approach is not just one thing you can do, it is THE thing, and the more of it in any game, the better. And I appreciate how much effort and preparation you put into this. It felt well-thought through overall.

To answer your questions. Was the plot too thin? No, not really. It was a bit on the light and easy side up until the end, but that was a wise decision on your part. Too much can quickly become.. way too much, especially since this was your first try. Was the plot too thick? No, I don't think so.

Downtime, no. Actually I think this went perfectly, and I hadn't expected chars to pop in and out this quickly. When Perun split from the rest to go to the academy, I had expected nothing to happen, yet I did meet someone there. And when we went quickly to Pyr, there was someone in the bar. Very nice.

The chase worked out, but things happened a little too quickly for me. As in, suddenly one of the Fyros in the bar were gone while my attention drifted from the screen. But that's my own fault wink The drunken RP was pulled off very nicely by both NPC's, btw.

I don't think there was enough to do for all players, but this is notoriously difficult to get right, particularly in this medium. With a bit more of planning, you could have looked at a role each players char could have taken and made something for them. However, I think you're on your way to doing that, and also did it to a degree. And I think you tried well to get Kyerna into it with the amber. The scope of this event was limited, which as I said was wise. So it's not as if every char would get a lot to do or have too many plot branches. So no big worries I believe.

As for too tight or controlled a plot, again that is wise to have for this first time, making it easier to control and run along in a timely manner. There wasn't too many possibilities for choice or branching before the end, but then there was a MASSIVE possibility for branching. I'm not usually surprised by anything.. Too jaded, seen it all. But this did surprise me smile

All in all. Very good and even more promising for the future. You have your heart in it, and that's actually the most important thing. But by this I don't mean it was only your heart pulling it through smile

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Emaelle wrote:

I keep getting this weird lump in my throat...

Darkhawk wrote:

I'm not usually surprised by anything.. Too jaded, seen it all. But this did surprise me

Oh my... thats two big compliments. Thanks a lot! I can only say ditto: I got surprised... several times wink And I too had some problems with my throat...

Ive managed to get a few screenies - not many though as other things were more pressing...

Kendrus corners Mecaon in a deadend steet in Pyr

Kendrus again: master of interrogation wink

Ba´Caussey warily watches Jeziellia and Kasdimojin as they enter the Silt Sculptor camp...
(notice the fire at Jezi´s feet... shes got deep eyes that Ba´Caussey...)

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I love that shot of Kendrus!

And very creepy image of Jez, with the fire. Very, very interesting.

I think those that were actively along had decent interaction. At least, as appropriate to their characters. Kas was there, literally, just to watch over Jez. He was thrilled he got to be as 'active' as he did. To actually stand forward as Jez's guardian. It was also very neat to see.

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I really liked the little exchange between him and Ba´Caussey... being denied entry unless he packed his axe away, he just sort of messured the entire company of Silt Scultor guards, noticed (though not saying it aloud) that he could easily manage them all... and then he took a step back :mrgreen:
Oh my... Thats stylish!

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were do u play this game?

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Hey there Burkey - you can download the free trial of Saga of Ryzom here.

Try it out!