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Some people pretend that my cooking is strange or non-usual... That's not true! To prove it so you can test by yourself, here are this evening recipe :mrgreen:

Tonight, i must admit I was lazy, so i made simple thing, a salad and a dessert. Well, simple yes and no big_smile

1- Banana and chicory Salad!
That's an easy salad, really. Just:
- Cut the chicory taking care not to use the heart wich is bitter.
- Cut the banana and the avocado
- Mix the 3 ingredients in a bowl
- Put some fresh coriander on the top
- Seasoning with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, dont forget a little pepper (5 pepper berry is the best)

2- Sweet potatoes with orange juice!

- Wash and cut the sweet potatoe in not too large slice
- In a wok or in a saucepan, make a light and still liquid caramel with some cassonade and a little water
- Cook quickly the sweet potatoes slice in the caramel then add some orange juice, just enough to cover the sweet potatoes
- Cover and let cook with a medium fire, uncover when the potatoes are almost done to make the juice reduce
- Eat hot or warm

Please give me your recipe for the day i dont know what to do big_smile

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This actually looks incredibly good to eat. Gonna have to try making it over the weekend.

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/me nods

that salad looks pretty interresting

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Tonight i made something more conventional and less light :sweat:

Here come the green brain!


alias stuffed cabbage.. well i must admit that usually it's less burned on the top, but i kinda forget it tonight *blushes*

To make some green brain for you vegetarian zombie friends, you need:

- a nice cabbage
- 1 oinion
- 2 garlic clove
- 1 egg
- 1/2 glass of rice
- parsley
- 250g chopped porc meat used to make some stuffed thing or sausage (in french "chair à saucisse) if you have the english translation please tell tongue
- old and dry bread
- milk
- salt, pepper

- In a big pot, put the whole cabbage without the greener and hard leaf, cover with water and make it boil until the cabbage is half cooked
- Let the cabbage cool down and then open it leaf by leaf without breaking them to uncover the heart of the cabage.
- With a knife , remove carefully the heart of the cabbage without breaking the foot.
- Blend the heart with the rest of ingredients: onion, garlic, parsley, egg, rice, dry bread wettned with milk, meat, salt and pepper
- Put the stuffing in the cabbage, and recover it with the leaf
- If necessary, bput some string around the cabbage to make it keep its shape
- Put in the oven, i cant tell you how many time because i use a combo microwave/ oven, but for me it's around 30 minutes microwave + 15 minutes microwave+grill


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Lazy tonight too, and as it's late, I only made a simple salad, here come my avocado/mango salad!

Very simple, just count one avocado per person and one mango per 2, slice it nicely and dispose it in a plate.
Put some coriander leaf, seasoning with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and 5 pepper berry

This dishes is simple but very good if you have some good ingredient, take a very ripe mango and some fresh coriander.

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You make everything look delicious Nuala smile

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When I was working in a restaurant, i was told that half of the success of a recipe was in how it looked. So it's nice to play with the color, the spices and it's not more difficult to make.

Today I made a lemon pie, but i wont give you the recipe until someone else post his own recipe ><, yeah! i'm on a strike!!!


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[big]Recipe for random stew:[/big]


-sweet potatos
-meat (optional for vegetarians. I prefer ostrich meat tongue)
-some vegetables to fill it all up, could be carrots, or courgettes, or aubergine, or whatever you like. Subtly altered taste each time you make it, whee!
-optional: grapes. Or other kinds of fruit.


-any kind of herbs you like. Smell some of them to get some indication of taste.

What I use normally: any combination of the following (depending on what mood I'm in):
-bay leaves/laurel leaves (for the herb-n00bs: you don't eat these, they are just for flavour. take them out when you eat the stew)

Do not add salt! Not until after the stew is done! You can always add it later on, and if you add it now, it might turn out too salty. Bouillon can be pretty salty of itself sometimes.

[big]To cook it in (right, you didn't think it'd be in just plain water? eww):[/big]

-bouillon (spelling? Anyway, some meat bouillon is best, but it can be any kind)
-white wine (I use pretty cheap South African wine. We don't have a lot of money, and we're not going to drink it anyway tongue)

The wine is optional. Some people dislike the taste of alcohol, even when all the alcohol has dissipated, and it's worked into a dish. I dislike alcohol too, but curiously, I don't mind when it's in my food. It can even be good in a lot of dishes.


bake the meat in a pan very shortly on a high flame (just to close up the outsides and maybe make it a bit brown) in butter or oil, whatever you like.
Throw the meat (and any juices from buttor or oil or whatever that were in the pan with it) + some garlic + some onion + assorted herbs into a big pot/pan, add bouillon and a bit of wine. Cook, until the meat has gone a bit soft and can be broken apart (varies according to taste: some people like the meat still a bit sturdy, some want it to be almost mush). Do not forget to add some more bouillon and/or wine if it gets really low in the pan. Burning your food is a bad idea.

When the meat is gone soft enough, add the vegetables that need about an hour to cook to get soft, and more onion and garlic (add stuff that needs an hour now, because you'll be eating it in about an hour). Also add more wine and bouillon, however much is needed. Half an hour after adding all those, add the sweet potatos and any vegetables that need a short time to cook to get soft. Also add more herbs to your liking.
Half an hour after that: stew is ready.

Now, you can have a quick taste and add salt if you think it's necessary.

sidenote: add flour, or something with the same effect, if you want to make the stew a bit thicker.

[big]Time indication:[/big]

It will take about 4-6 hours at least, usually, for this kind of stew to be ready. Meat takes a long time to become soft. It depends a bit on what kind of meat you use. If you're not using meat, the cooking time is a lot less.
Generally: start it 6 hours before you plan on eating it. If the meat is soft more than an hour before you want to start eating: just turn off the stove and leave it for a while.

((will edit later to add herb names in English))

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Tomorrow is a friend surprise birthday so i made a few cake for the party, here is my favorite recipe: the tomato/basilic cake:

125g butter
1 big spoon of  cassonade
1 big spoon of tomato concentrate
1 smashed garlic
2 eggs
250 g flour
1 little spoon of yeast
Fresh Basilic, 10 or more sheed
125 ml tomato juice
2 tomatoes cutted in dices
60 g of grated cheese
45g of pine seed (?)

Put the oven at 200 degres

bon appétit!

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Craziest frigging thing I've ever seen Nuala.

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That actually seems tasty! Insanity sometimes pays off!

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Oh, it's not that it doesn't look tasty. But vegetables? In a cake? INSANITY!

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It's not make to be eating as a dessert but as a starter tongue maybe the word cake is not the right one, but it's the one used in france.

Maybe i shouldnt talk of the other "cake" I made then, pear and roquefort tongue

And actually you really should try this one, it's really delicious ^^

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We call it cake too. Well, taart. And we add 'hartige' in front, so hartige taart, when it's not sweet and sugary with whipped cream and stuff.
But maybe you could call it a quiche?

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Time for a recipe!

Mashed potatoes with meatballs and sauce.  (enough for 4 people, time to prepare around 40 minutes)

500 gr. chopped meat (ox)
0.3 l of cream
1.2 kg potatoes
Concentrated tomato paste
Ketchup (preferably a mild variant)
Roasted onions (pre-made yes, but there's a point to it. Really!)
Seasoning (salt, pepper, sweet paprika, garlic powder, chili, tabasco sauce)

So, that's a picture of the ingredients and the meat. Start off by mixing meat, roasted onion, soya, a little sprinkling of tabasco sauce, chili, salt and pepper and garlic powder. Then roll the meat into small meatballs. It will take some time and be totally boring, but hey, the end result is cool, so don't cheat by making them bigger. The roasted onions added is unconvential, but will make for a good, richer taste, where real onions added like that would take too much time for not much more gain.

Peel the potatoes, add water and salt, but don't cook them yet, since simmering of the meat and sauce is important, so switch to warming up a pan with just a tiny bit of olive oil, and then throw in the meatballs, semi-cooking them in their fat, semi-roasting them. When you can't see any red meat anymore, add in most of the cream, the can of concentrated tomato paste (one of those small ones), an ok helping of soya, salt, pepper, paprika and the garlic powder, but just a little of the last, or it will influence the final taste too much. Leave it out if unsure wink Mix it and let it simmer for now.

Get the potatoes cooking, for around 20 minutes, and check up on the sauce all the while, stirring it. The colour of the sauce should go from red to a deeper brown. Start up the peas too. If using frozen peas, just add a little water, not too much, or it will absorb the taste of the peas. Warm them up slowly, then boil them a minute near the end.

Now, add some ketchup to the sauce, stir a little, taste and then add in any extra seasoning and soya as needed to get the taste you want. I go for a deep, strong flavour that is enriched by the long simmering myself, as this is what will complement the meat. Add in more cream or some milk if you think the sauce is turning out too strong.

Also, wash and cut the parsley to be used when the potatoes are finished. I usually do that by putting it in a cup and then using a scissor to cut it into tiny bits.

Time passes, and the potatoes will now be ready to get mashed.

I have this nifty tool for mashing them, which is pretty much needed to get out any larger chunks mashed. Add in as much butter as you like to get the right taste, complement with more salt and some of the leftover cream (usually you'd use milk, which is fine if you have some, but if not, the rest of the cream works ok). When you're satisfied with the taste and have mashed it to a unified paste, add in the parsley for a nice colour and taste, and you're good to go. At this point, you should have boiled the peas too, and everything's set!

Here's the final result plus some sour cream and onion chips which work very well with this. I would also add a glass of red wine to go with this dish, but as you might have seen on the first picture I only had white wine that day. Anyway, it's tasty!

You can also, as is more common, do this dish, or a variant of it, with spaghetti. I usually do that, but the mashed potatoes variation worked out even better smile

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Gordon bennett, if I start posting in this thread, I'm going to have to clean my kitchen too!

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Heh, first time I heard that expression. Anyway, you think my kitchen was cleaned? Lucky me I only have this grainy camera on my mobile phone wink

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[big]My recipe for Tiramisu.[/big]

[death]The ingredients:[/death]

-100-125 ml. whipped cream (that is not yet whipped).
-4 yellows of eggs.
-3 egg whites (which means you're left with one unused egg white. I always bake it, but some people apparently just throw it away.)
-100-200 grams of sugar (I always use powdered sugar for this)
-500 grams mascarpone (which is a cheese from Italy)
-cocoa powder.
-boudoir cookies / sponge fingers. A lot of them. I always use the better part of 1 package which contains 200 grams of them.
-400 ml coffee (strong).
-1-2 tablespoons Amaretto (or some other liquor. You can use more if you like, but I use only a bit of it)


Prepare 2 cups of strong coffee. Let them cool off (so that the liquor does not evaporate when you add it to the coffee.

Separate the yellows from the whites of the egg. Beat the 4 egg yellows together with the (powedered)sugar until you get a nice smooth cream. Beat the whipped cream through the egg yellow mixture. Then beat the mascarpone through the mixture (make sure it's nice and firm after you're done with this). Beat the 3 egg whites in a separate bowl (and for the n00bs: make sure the things you beat the egg whites with are clean and fat-free, and the bowl too, or it won't firm up) until they keep their shape and can stick up in nice peaks while you beat them. Mix the egg whites through the mascarpone mixture (not with an electrical mixer, etc. Use a big, flat-ish spoon if you have one, otherwise a regular spoon).

Get a nice round bowl that is not shallow to put the tiramisu in. Now add the amaretto (or other liquor) to the coffee. Put it in a shallow bowl or plate. Dip the boudoir cookies/sponge fingers into the coffee (don't let them get too soggy and fall apart), then put them into the round bowl.
Fill up the bottom of the round bowl with a layer of sponge fingers, then put a layer of mascarpone mixture on top of that. Then put in another layer of sponge fingers. Then another one of mascarpone mix. Etc etc. You can make as many layers as you like, but: make sure to start with a layer of sponge fingers, and to end with a layer of mascarpone mix. So make sure you keep enough mascarpone mixture for a last layer on the top.
I always just make 4 layers (2 of sponge fingers, and 2 of the mixture).

Put the Tiramisu into the refrigerator for at least 8 hours. It's easiest to make it in the evening and leave it in the refrigerator overnight, it's then done the next day.

Right before serving it, sprinkle a layer of cocoa powder on top of the tiramisu, using a small sieve.


Later on I will post a picture of the end result.

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Tho' Im not patient enough to cook for more than the time it takes to call the pizza place, I do have a nice quick and very tasty recipe.

You need:
1x Bunny, pref. mature tender 2-3 year old bunny

(the picture says it all i think)

Simple and nutritious meal

Possible to use the grill funtion in the oven, if present, for those roasted crunchy bunny ears we all have grown to love

Disclaimer :
No more than a half a dozen bunnies were maimed or killed during the recording of this recipe

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And here is an image of the completed Tiramisu. I had just put the cocoa powder on.

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Mecha wrote:

You need:
1x Bunny, pref. mature tender 2-3 year old bunny

(the picture says it all i think) …

bunny!!!! noooooooo!:cry:

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Norah wrote:

-boudoir cookies / sponge fingers. A lot of them.

Yes because I have to eat a pack at the same time as using them! That Tiramisu looks tasty! I haven't made it for years, maybe I'll do it once the diet is over smile

And Mecha, nice to see you use greaseproof paper so your bunny doesn't stick!


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Preparation : 20 mn
Cooking : 1h30

For 2 persons:

- 2 duck magret (part of the chest i guess) or a little duck
- 75-100g of green oliva without the nut
- olive oil
- 30 to 50 cl of dry white wine
- 2-3 tomatoes without the skin
- 1 oignon
- garlic
- thyme
- Laurel
- parsley
- 1 spoon of flour
- salt and pepper
If you use a magret:
Prepare the magret by cutting the skin in cross and cook it slowly in a pan on the skin, the skin must be very well cooked but the meat must be almost raw. Keep in apart.

If you use a duck:
Cut the duck and cook it in a deep pan. Then add:
Cook the onion cut in dice, and the tomatos. Then add the flour and the seasoning.
Add the white wine little by little, a glass of water the herb and the garlic.

Add the oliva, and let cook slowly during one hour if you use a whole duck, 10 minutes if you use a magret.

Cut the magret in thin slice and add them at the end of the sauce cooking.. the meat must stay pink.

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OK.. That looks REALLY delicious in that sissy low-fat french way. The pizza recipe I have coming up probably can't look as inviting, especially not with the crappy quality of my pictures.

So there is only one path to take now.

1. I must buy a digital camera.
2. I must prepare the most advanced cooking recipe I know. (and I have just the thing..)

Be afraid!

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Mmmm...I love duck, I might have to try that one out smile

Still waiting for the most dangerous pizza recipe ever...must be something serious if it takes this long to concoct!