We're a new (in FFXIV), small company looking to experience and enjoy the game in our own pace. We like to explore all aspects of a game, experiencing all we can and keeping a tight community of mature, friendly people who want to enjoy the game without any stress or requirements set upon them.

That said, we're quite passionate about our gaming, and you can find some or all of us online every day, enjoying our exploration of all nooks and crannies of the world. We'd ideally like a few extra who feel the same way, who've not hit levelcap yet (we haven't), and who want to be part of creating a new, tight FC from the ground up. People who help each other and share the enjoyment of new experiences and things to do.

We're relaxed gamers from a roleplaying community who take gaming seriously, but not too seriously - no drama and no pressure, but instead people to experience the game with and perhaps become friends with sharing other MMO's down the road.

As mentioned, we come from an RP community, but for FFXIV it is up to the individual whether they want to RP. We have members who'll be happy to RP with you, and we have members who are happy experiencing the game without RP'ing. There is space for both, but we want to mention it as an added 'bonus' if you will for the RP'ers out there.

We have a lively IRC channel up and running for our community, as well as a (not so active) homepage, that lists some of the MMO's we've been in previously.

So, we're active and looking to go all the way in the game - in each members own time. We're looking for new friends - not too many to make it a free company that needs organizing, maintaining and too many rules. A small company consisting of gaming friends you can relax with - in a passionate way. 'Casual' and 'Hardcore' are terms that both apply to us and if you feel the same way, we might be a good fit for each other. 

As such, we'd like to know a bit about you and why you want to join, and the 3 of us who're active now will need to decide as a whole who to let in. Also, you can of course ask questions of us as well, or just hang out with us, doing things together, so you get a feel of how we roll.

New players to FXXIV who want a stable, tight group and who yet have to experience the game are very welcome to apply and experience the game with us. Older players who like what we've just written here are welcome as well, but ideally we want to share the game with people who haven't experienced all of it yet, so we grow and experience together.

If that sounds interesting, feel free to PM me, or contact 'Nelaux Zumont' ingame.

And if you made it this far, you're probably a person who actually likes reading and writing text, that's already a good sign wink


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I read it! wink

But if you want to make your case for a Seed kickstarter, you should do so to the old Producer, Lars Kroll Kristensen. You can find him on Facebook and maybe if you're super convincing...? Hope blooms eternal, hehe.


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Hello Camolas, and thanks for the fun yourself smile These forums are pretty quiet, but we're active on our IRC channel, and we're holding Seedmeets in exotic countries each year, so we're not quite dead wink


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You go smile

Btw., for some really nice cell shading (which does remind me of Seed just because of the technique...) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-J1amN78zjQ - not the best trailer I found in terms of showing off the graphics though..


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Great intro, but I'm still scared..


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Well, we will go for suitable planets to get at POS fuel actually, since it otherwise costs us around 400 million ISK to power our station for half a year.


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Yes, funny to follow these news. Dunno' what will happen with the game though.


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Well, I've been sick for a week now, and then there's Drakensang II and DA: Awakenings. And the local RP conference this Easter, so.. Lots of time I'm sure..


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I thought it'd be appropriate to create a thread for news and updates on what we're doing ingame, both for members and other (maybe wink) interested parties.

Tax raised! - Will the Oppressed Revolt?

Yesterday, I raised the corp tax from 0% to 10% again. It's been 0% when we were only 2-3 people playing, and weren't sure what to do with EVE. Now, we're growing (slowly, but that's also the point -  we don't recruit officially, we recruit people our members know, and go from there gently), and we have plans. Those plans need funding, so the tax has been reinstated.

Corporation Ship Fund - Safety First

A fund, that will make sure every member who loses ship/equipment/implants during official Corporation activities (PvP, mining, wormhole exploration, etc.), can get completely reimbursed. In order to cover complete disaster and death of all corpmembers, I want this fund to stabilize around 1 billion ISK - suffice to say, this will take a little time, and until then, when we do corp activities together, all ISK earned might have to go into the fund to help build it. As of now, there is roughly 50 million ISK available in this fund.

Research Station - Mad science and blueprint scribbling

Our very own, private research station in orbit somewhere in Gelfiven (most likely). All members will be free to conduct material research, invention, blueprint copying, etc. there. As you may know, it's virtually impossible to get a research spot in any NPC station in high-sec (30-40 day long queues). Also, there is a very nice ISK opportunity in selling blueprint copies from well-researched originals, and we want the corp to be able to both get into that trade, and have good blueprints available for members to build cheap battlecruiser sized ships for (and later battleships, when we have the money for those blueprints).

Such a station has quite some demands in order to be set up and maintained. Initial costs will be 200 milion ISK for the station and research lab itself, 400 million ISK for the resources needed to power the station autonomously for half a year without our intervention, and finally, around 1 billion ISK for 3 battlecruiser blueprints. These will start to earn us constant money when they have been researched up to ME level 50, but that will take around half a year or more. Thus, this is a long-term plan, and the initial cost is massive, coming in around 1.6 billion ISK (though we can of course start without a full 3 blueprints).

As our corporate wallet is mostly empty and I want to focus on the Ship Fund first, Sherrick, Gujolais and myself have planned to throw in our own money for the glory of the corp in this. Newer players are of course NOT expected to chip in but help, if possible, certainly would be welcome.

Tyrannis - The New Goldrush?

The newly announced expansion to EVE coming somewhere before July, introduced player structures on planets. ALL planets. I.e. players can now set up mining operations there, and the possible income is dependant on planet type and security rating of the system. Later, when CCP releases their console game Dust 514, we're supposed to be able to conquer or lose these installations through ground battles that we pay the players of the Dust 514 game to wage for us. As a gamedesigner, I think this is a very interesting and novel idea in regards to players interacting across different systems, and apart from that.. It sounds like fun wink However, for half a year at least, it's first come, first serve on all planets, and we want in on that action as a corp.

There is no data on what equipment, skill, money and time will be needed to set up a planetbased structure, but I plan to check out the test server for this, and have the corp and all interested players ready to be the first in the capitalistic pioneering line when the expansion launches. It'll be good, PROFITABLE fun. More info as it becomes available.

Factional Warfare - Killing off those Imperialist Dogs

The Seeds recently joined the FW aspect of the game, signing up as a Minmatar corporation, and now in a state of war with the Amarr and Caldari militia. Apart from the nicely fitting RP elements of this, we wanted to check out this part of EVE and get PvP experience in a more mellow, less dangerous setting. We've gotten some experience already of course, and have some plans as to how we can make more of an impact on the gameplay. Also, it'd be great fun if we could field our own corporation-only teams of skirmishers, tacklers, heavy assaulters, etc. We want to experience more FW with our corp members, building a strong strike-force, that can react fast, accomplish things, and have fun. I'd say this is a major focus for us at the moment, but we also want our members to settle into the game a little more before rushing into it (oh, and get that Ship Fund up to 1 billion ISK wink). I expect 1 or 2 days a week might become FW oriented.

Wormhole Exploration - because Extreme Danger is fun!

Probably this is what we'll do as the next corp activity. A foray into a suitable wormhole, with enough people to both fight the Sleepers (and salvage them afterwards!), run the complexes and mine the Bistot and Arkonor inside. This will take some planning, and over the next week or so, I'll ask you all about your possible roles, equipment and what you'd like to do. Oh, and we really need to find a class 1 wormhole, because otherwise our not quite filled Ship Fund will suffer too much wink

The Future...

Well, this is what's on the menu for now, but EVE is a huge game, and we could be doing all sorts of things, whatever people are interested in doing. Day-to-day we mission-run and salvage each others missions, debate ship-fittings, skilltraining, gaming systems, and just relax as well. We'll see what more comes up, but I'll say, it's actually quite good fun playing EVE this way, tight corporation, relaxed ambitions, no hurry. smile

More news when something happens.. This post has been pretty huge as it is wink

Uhm ok, I wanted to give this a chance to take off, but so far, we've played 2 times only, and it's demotivating for me to never know whether we will play or not, and still have to clear time for this from the other stuff I do, social, gaming or even work.

I had decided I wanted to give the game at least 3 tries before commenting either way, but that was 2 weeks ago, or maybe 3, and we haven't played since. So uh, I'll rock the boat and actually ABANDON the boat. That's not usually my style, but this is too slow going/not happening very often, and (probably because of that) lacks the intensity and passion for me that I crave in RP.

Interesting setting though sad


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As you may know, we've begun playing EVE again. I've been playing for several hours a week, testing the state of the game right now, and finding it fun. I've also hauled in Sherrick and Gujolais, so that we at present are 3 active players.

Now, I'm looking at expanding the Seeds further again, as we've hit a sweet spot, where we don't grind, but just have fun with the game, and have established a framework to accommodate several playing-styles. Therefore, if any of you are interested in joining/rejoining/trialling, I'd say now would be a very good time to download EVE and give it a spin. So consider this an invitation to peek in smile

We'll focus on a corporation where we bring in interested friends, but not strangers - where we can vouch for new members, keeping a team spirit and where we can both be ambitious and relaxed at the same time, doing things solo and together, enjoying the strengths of EVE (spreadsheets and slow, slow gameplay big_smile).
The game has changed quite some during the last few years - tons of new systems and content has been added, so that all is not mission running or mining any more, and I'm personally enjoying the game a lot.

As for the roleplaying aspect - I must admit I grew very tired of artificially maintaining 'RP for RPs sake' in this game the last time we played. I am not directly roleplaying in EVE at present, but playing it as a game, where my char does not do actions that are against his IC personality. This has made it much more enjoyable to me I must say, and it also enables me to bring in other people who do not want to RP (much) in EVE.

However, naturally, we can cater to both RP'ers and non-RP'ers - I have updated the background of the Seeds, making it possible to either meta-RP (speak OOCly, but let your char only do things that are in line with our stories and RP) or RP. We also have an IC channel for RP and another for OOC, where most (all, right now) of the game takes place. Sherrick wants to RP and has set up a backgroundstory together with me, that will enable him to do just that, and maybe also bring in other RP'ers via IC relations.

So the Seeds are open for both styles, and may also do both playing styles at the same time. I'll work to make sure of that at least, and also produce RP stories as we go that underline and detail our (ooc) exploits. Bottom line is that we all think EVE is fun, and we want to play the game, with or without direct RP, together.

So don't be shy, join us smile Contact me for more details and a buddy code, or start up the client and contact me ingame on my char 'Marghulis'.

Recent Seeds of Matar Intelligence Briefing - http://seedthecommunity.org/viewtopic.php?id=518
Seeds of Matar Founding Statement - http://seedthecommunity.org/viewtopic.php?id=245


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Seeds of Matar - Excerpt of briefing prepared for Agirtad Dotudink / Republic Fleet - 16.02.112

The Seeds of Matar were formed above the skies of Matar, on 21.05.109, as a freedom fighting
corporation, with the purpose of weakening the Amarr empire and freeing enslaved Matari, particularly in
the Ammatar Mandate. Marghulis, the CEO was the active force behind this mission statement, quickly
earning a reputation as rather ruthless and driven towards the cause.

Before co-founding the Seeds, Marghulis spent time in the Gallente Federation, travelling the worlds and
establishing a network of young idealistic capsuleers there. Later, this resulted in several Gallente
activists joining the Seeds, sympathizing with their cause and wanting to fight 'the good fight'

However, the Seeds were not all ideological freedom fighters, several members were also more
logistically inclined, supporting the liberation effort of the corporation through trade, production and
mining. Overseeing this effort was Sherrick, a Matari Marghulis had met and befriended during his
capsuleer education. With the neccessary structure in place for funding and maintaining ships and
weapons for the fighting capsuleers, the Seeds were set to make their mark on the galaxy. Please note
that both 'Marghulis' and 'Sherrick' are call names only. In the case of Marghulis, nobody has succeeded
in finding his real name or his past - evidence leads us to conclude the Republic Security Services are
involved in keeping this information hidden.

Over several years, the Seeds worked reasonably well, being one of many smaller corporations freeing
slaves and destroying Amarr (and Caldari - the Gallente influence within the Seeds is reported to be
strong) ships in small firefights around the systems. As the number of vengeful opponents grew, while
the number of capsuleers in the Seeds didn't however, problems arose - the young corporation experienced
frequent assasination and sabotage attempts on its installations and capsuleers.

At some point, this became a serious enough problem to hamper the efforts of the corporation in general.
Due to its open nature, everyone who cared to investigate, would know where the Seeds hq was located,
where their mining operations took place, who their members were, and in which regions they were active.
Confounding this problem was the fact that Marghulis had begun funneling considerable amounts of ISK and
weapons to ground-based guerilla groups throughout the Ammatar Mandate, building up cells of freedom
fighters answering to the ideals and often wishes of the Seeds. This made the Seeds even more of a
problem for the Empire, meaning Empire operatives dogged their every step and tried to stop their
financial transactions.

According to our sources, a solution was devised at a meeting of the Seeds capsuleers in 25.12.10. The
corporation would go into the underground and obscurity as much as was possible, with only a few willing
capsuleers staying in the open, for reasons of outside communication and propaganda. Amongst those were
Marghulis himself, his well-documented desire for direct confrontation perhaps prompting his decision to
remain public. Most Seeds dropped out completely from public view, and those who stayed in the open did
so with a low profile - always moving around, never building up anything in public that could be
targeted. From this point onward, it is difficult to track the progression of the Seeds and their
success at their mission statement, but their legend has surely grown. So much so, that scholars
speculate that several freedom fighter groups may have adopted the ideologies of the Seeds without ever
having met them.

Researchers agree however, that the efforts of the Seeds of Matar are at this point now principally tied
to supporting armed freedom struggles on the ground in Ammatar space, with their capsuleers supporting
or directing this personally behind the scenes as they see fit. The Seeds or their sympathizers also
seem to have spread into other, more open corporations and organizations, in all likelihood funneling
ISK from there into secret cells and branches, making tracing the cash-flow difficult for their enemies.

From this date the Seeds are slowly becoming more of a symbol than a traceable force, which may be
exactly what they wished. Marghulis and a few others remain moderately easier to investigate, but have
so far survived Amarr and Caldari scrutiny due to elusiveness, skills and a well-established network of
influential contacts and public support in the places they have frequented. On the Minmatar side,
especially The Republic Fleet and the Republic Security Services are known to support and shield the
Seeds in their endeavors.


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Hey, very nice Nuala!

Ok, monday too, after some pressuring.

Yeah, that sounds good, I'm in.

And my playing times are a bit tricky these days, but sunday is an ok bet.


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Seconded smile

Well.. I'm sure you know mine by heart Norah.. But.. Just in case.. wink 11th February 1977 - that's me. oOooooOold

An update to LoTRO - We're gaming this quite some, and have max. level characters. Dustman, Mehken and I that is. Dustman and Mehken have also started new characters, and well. It's pretty good, solid MMO fun (not much RP though).

We'd really welcome others to play with us, so we could do fellowship (6 man) quests and stuff together with competent and nice people. I.e. you wink So if you want to give a mainstream MMO a chance for the sake of the game in itself, LotRO is actually very enjoyable, also with the social aspect. We'll help out with whatever if you want, and come on.. Who doesn't want to go dungeondelving in Moria? Huh?

I'm authorized to say that Frakel is in from the 26th June and onwards. I don't know if that qualifies as early enough, but if so, he wants to join us. The date is fine by me.

I'm coming. Alone. At any time.

Seems to me Dustman, Miho, Frakel, Quanto Solo and Nuala are able to attend second half of June. Miho with his gf, and Nuala maybe not staying in the cottage. Kryigerofe might show up as well, but he can't commit to paying anything at this time. Oluf thinks he has exams during late June, so he can't come. However, I'm not sure he has wink But anyway, that makes. Darkhawk, Dustman, Miho x2, Quanto and Frakel for 'sure', i.e. 6. With Norah+bf and Nuala as maybe's, and Oluf/Kryigerofe as more maybe's. Right?

And don't take my word for it, the people in question need to answer wink


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Hey Phenoca smile

Well, no one from this community plays EVE right now I believe, we're in LotRO and Fallen Earth. There are some very nice RP Alliances and Corporations in EVE actually, probably also lots of nice, social ones, but I for one have lost touch with the game and can't help you there smile

So as far as I can see, Frakel can't attend before second half of June, Quanto Solo can't during July, while everybody else can attend May and June. In the interests of getting as many as possible to come, I'm totally in for a slightly higher cottage price. What about Miho, Oluf, Kryigerofe and Nuala, how do these dates suit you? Still lacking a reply smile

Well, I'm in for both cottage and camp, and since the majority is positive about a cottage, so am I smile I'll be coming alone, and I can come at any time.. probably, and one week is fine for me. Seems, preliminarily, like it would be a good idea to have the meetings in the second half of June then, in regards to your preferences, and I'm also in for that.


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I'm coming with my partner Miho.. I think. Maybe Oluf too? And Frakel was positive, I'll point him towards this.


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I'm in, but with a 'but'. Cottages might be a good idea, but so might camping for free in the backyard of Nuala's parents be (yes, she has suggested that wink), because it's for free. I'm in for everything though, but maybe we should first gauge who's interested, then check dates, then check who prefers what solution? Or we can just discuss it here. Anyway, 4 interested people so far! big_smile